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The History of Charlbury through ….. turnpikes and toll houses

Judy Dod for Charlbury Museum

We often grumble about potholes in the road today, but in past centuries road users often had to negotiate thick mud, deep ruts and gaping holes. Some roads were impassable for months at a time. Road maintenance was the responsibility of the parish they passed through and heavily used roads were expensive to maintain and often neglected. The Turnpike Acts were introduced to raise money to build and maintain better roads.

In 1800 a Turnpike Trust was established for the area around Charlbury, strongly supported by the Albright family. Two new turnpike roads came into the town. One came to Charlbury from Witney through Hailey, Ramsden and Finstock and then on to Enstone and Great Tew, eventually joining the turnpike to Banbury at Swerford Heath. The other took a new route from Woodstock, turning off the road to Enstone at the Marlborough Arms, passing through Charlbury at Fiveways, crossing the river at Dyers Hill Bridge, and eventually meeting the Chipping Norton to Burford turnpike. The Trust had roughly 30 miles of turnpike roads.

Jesse Clifford wrote: “Charlbury, when the Turnpike Roads were formed, established Carriers to Oxford, Saturdays: Banbury, Mondays and Thursdays: Witney, Thursdays: Burford when occasion warranted. ….. London could be reached in the day by going to Enstone, and by coach from there. Twenty-five coaches passed through Enstone, up or down, every day.” *

The collection of tolls was put up for auction and went to the highest bidder, who assumed he would collect more in tolls and make a good profit. (See the advertisement from Jackson’s Oxford Journal, 1811 for how much money could be made.) Locked gates were placed across the roads and toll houses were built for those responsible for collecting the tolls.

Charlbury had three toll houses. One at Baywell (on the corner of Fiveways now occupied by Hydac) controlled both the Witney and Woodstock turnpikes. The second still stands on the corner of the Enstone road opposite Hazeldean and controlled travellers to and from Enstone. The third was built on the Dyers Hill bridge and is still there though much altered. Toll houses had many windows so the collectors could view traffic approaching from different directions, and porches or deep eaves protected them from the worst weather. Boards displayed the toll charges which varied for horses, carriages and wagons. The roads were disturnpiked in 1877 and from 1888 main road maintenance passed to County Councils.

* Jesse Clifford: ‘My Reminiscences of Charlbury’, written 1891-2.

Janet Jeffs · Sat 29 Aug 2020, 09:20 · Link

War Memorial Hall reopens

You will be pleased to hear that the Memorial Hall will be open from Tuesday 1st September.  Guidance from Central Government has been followed closely, although there are still some restrictions on certain activities and the numbers that can use the Hall at any one time.  There will be reminders on social distancing on arrival and within the Hall, which must be followed at all times.  Sanitising stations are strategically placed throughout and, of course, masks must be worn at all times.  All societies and individuals, who have previously used the Hall and new applicants should book with Jane Parsons, who will explain the new protocols now in place and to arrange booking times.  Booking forms are available to down load from the Charlbury Corner House and War Memorial Hall web site or via the link on the Charlbury Town website and these can be posted, when completed, in the Corner House. The kitchen will remain closed at the moment except for use by Meals on Wheels.

It will obviously take time for everyone to get used to new arrangements, so be patient!

We are delighted to have Cornerstone operating out of the old library rooms in the Corner House, but for the present time, for Covid security reasons, we have decided to delay opening the rest of the Corner House.

We appreciate that the Hall has been closed for a long time but we look forward to most of the bookings being able to restart.

Bob Tait · Fri 28 Aug 2020, 11:59 · Link

Recent news about Covid 19 - Cases in Oxford

It is important to realise that , although COVID 19 cases remain very low in West Oxfordshire at 4.5/100000, they are much higher in Oxford. There is interesting data on the OCC website here: cases in Oxon

The Oxford Clinical Commissioning Group is the organisation which commissions most of the health services in the whole County. Part of their role involves keeping us informed.

Today they have asked us to share the following:

The number of coronavirus cases in Oxford is rising – particularly among 20 to 30 year olds. Whilst , if you are a young person, you may not experience the worst of the symptoms yourself, older people who you come into contact with may be rather more affected, and it is up to each of us to stop the virus from spreading. Play your part to help stop the spread: keep you distance, wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering and avoid car sharing if you can. If you have any coronavirus symptoms, you must self-isolate immediately and call 119 to book a test. And if you have been abroad to a country that is not on the exemption list, you must by law self-isolate for fourteen days. More information is at

A bit of additional information in case you need to know: our nearest test centre at present is at the Park and Ride in Kidlington by Oxford Parkway Railway Station.

Nikki Rycroft · Fri 28 Aug 2020, 10:56 · Link

Charlbury Street Fair Draw tickets on sale this Saturday

Draw Tickets are on sale from Saturday, and every Saturday until Street Fair, at 10am to 12pm outside the Memorial Hall

Come and by yours and support our two community buildings which needs support during this time.

£350 Sponsored by Andrew Shaw 

£100 Sponsored by  Cotswold Frames 

Also loads of other great prizes all donated by local businesses.

Sadly we can only take cash

Rachael Lunney · Thu 27 Aug 2020, 16:34 · Link

Update from Charlbury Library

All of Oxfordshire's biggest libraries are now open and the process has begun to individually risk assess and plan for the smaller, community supported libraries to open in due course.  A date has not been set to re-open Charlbury Library yet however the attached poster (also displayed at the Community Centre) list the libraries that are currently open.  

Any items borrowed just before lockdown that were due to be returned during lockdown had their return dates rolled back until October, so no fines would be incurred.  This is still the case, but you are welcome to return your books to any open Oxfordshire library and borrow new ones.  Public computer access (booked in advance) and photocopying facilities, bus pass/blue badge applications (booked in advance) are now up and running again.  Reservations can be made on line (you will need a PIN number) and collected at any open library that is convenient for you.

A brand new development, live from today, is that customers are able to pay off any charges on their account online.  See poster for details.  As is the case for reservations, you will need your library PIN number, as well as your library card number to make payments online.  For security reasons, PIN numbers cannot be given out over the phone so you would need to pop into an open branch with some ID and ask at the desk for a reminder of your PIN number if you've forgotten yours.  "Tap and Pay" card readers at the counter are also coming to all our libraries soon!

Face coverings must be worn by customers and staff and each library has plenty of hand sanitiser, test & trace forms, and extra cleaning and social distancing measures in place to help keep you safe during your library visit.  All returned items are quarantined for at least 72 hours before being shelved.  

We look forward to welcoming you back to Charlbury Library when the time comes, but for now, it's business as (almost) usual in many of our other branches, so do pop in.

Julie Ward · Tue 25 Aug 2020, 13:25 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • 38 The Green Charlbury
    Erection of single story rear extension and first floor side extension above existing office/utility.
    WODC reference: 20/01966/HHD - Tue 18 Aug 2020 - Under consideration
  • Oldner Hollow Charlbury Road
    Erection of a three bay car port
    WODC reference: 20/01919/HHD - Thu 13 Aug 2020 - Under consideration

Mon 24 Aug 2020, 06:15 · Link

Charlbury Street Fair Superhero (scarecrow) competition

The deadline to enter is 3pm on mon

To enter please put £2  in a envelope with you name and contact details and drop off at Cotswold Frames

1st prize £50 2nd £30. 3rd is £20

Rachael Lunney · Fri 21 Aug 2020, 21:29 · Link

The History of Charlbury through ... the Bathing Place

Janet Jeffs for Charlbury Museum

Swimming in the river was not always considered hazardous. In the summer of 1894 a Bathing Place was opened by Mrs Maisey on land adjoining the Mill Stream, given for the purpose by Mr G J Jones, the local baker, confectioner and caterer. In August 1896 a water polo match was played between the Town and Baughan’s firm (the ironmonger). The water was so cold that the game had to be stopped just before the end, but Baughan's won by 1 goal to nil. At a meeting in the autumn it emerged that both ladies and gentlemen had paid subscriptions, and the final balance in hand was £4 12s 11½d, part of which was to be spent on painting woodwork and the rest on erecting more "dressing boxes".

By July 1899 the original committee had greatly improved the accommodation by shoring the banks and enlarging the boundary, and creating bathing depth from 2 to 7 feet. Twice a week 30/40 of the older boys from the School went for their swimming lesson with their energetic headmaster, Mr Carley. Attempts to get the Parish Council to take over management were ineffective. However, by the time of a meeting in 1908, more improvements had been made, i.e. private dressing rooms, clearing the river, and "generally making the place convenient and comfortable". There were about sixty members. In 1910 aquatic sports were held and in 1914 the Baptist Church chose the Bathing Place as the site for a public baptism, despite the tricky access along Watery Lane.

From the 1920s and 1930s Boating and Bathing were very popular in Charlbury. Punts could be rented (except on Sundays) from John Kibble, whose garden stretched from The Firs on Pound Hill down to the river. Later this arrangement was sponsored by the Red Triangle Club and supervised by Amos George, the shoe-maker. From 1900 to the 1920s/30s the river or mill stream were still used for swimming and punting. In the 1940s and 1950s people swam in the river near the Old Oak, on the Cricket Club side of the bridge, swinging over the river on the rope tied to the tree. Canoes were built and launched by several senior Scouts. The dramatic story of the repair of the dam in 1969 and the beginnings of the Canoe Club in 1973 will have to wait for another time.

Judy Dod · Fri 21 Aug 2020, 20:27 · Link

Free lessons for local children

Invicta Academy Oxfordshire is offering free key stage 1-4 maths and English lessons to all children in Oxfordshire until August 28th. You can still sign up for lessons for the coming week.

Liz Leffman · Fri 21 Aug 2020, 09:55 · Link


Are you under 25, living in Charlbury, with a place at university or college or an apprenticeship?

If so, you may be eligible for a grant from the Charlbury Exhibition Foundation:

(Even if you have received a grant in a previous year, you may qualify for another, so do apply again.)

Apply by 1 October 2020 to:

Please include the following details:

-        Name and date of birth;

-        Home address in Charlbury;

-        Schools you have attended;

-        For students:

o  The name of the university or college,

o  The title and level of your course (for example, BA Hons in European History),

o  The year of study (for example, first year, second year, …);

-        For apprentices:

o  The name of your employer,

o  The type of apprenticeship and level;

-          Outline information on the costs involved in the course or apprenticeship.

William Robinson · Thu 20 Aug 2020, 12:05 · Link

Charlbury Street Fair Draw tickets on sale saturday

First Chance to buy your 2020 Street Fair Draw Tickets and have some great prizes.

£350 Kindly Donated by Andrew Shaw and Fairfax and Co

£100 Kindly Donated by Tim at Cotswold Frames and they also donating money toward printing on the draw tickets.

£5 a Book and all the money raised goes towards the upkeep  of the Corner House and Memorial Hall and this year  they have lost a lot of money in hall hire because of Covid, so please support and keep these two buildings going.  

Rachael Lunney · Wed 19 Aug 2020, 09:54 · Link

Cornerstone - Uniform Exchange at the Corner House

We are starting a Charlbury school uniform exchange as part of the Cornerstone project now based at the Corner House. You are invited to bring along any unwanted Charlbury school uniform. Please ensure it is clean and ideally in a see through sealed bag with a description and size written on the outside. 

We will list what stock we have and those wanting school uniform can come and collect. 

The Cornerstone is open week days 10am - 1pm at the Corner House.

The uniform exchange will run until 11th September. 

If you would like to get in touch please email or call 07510772764.

Jo Paton · Tue 18 Aug 2020, 18:55 · Link

Improved X9 bus service from 1st September

The X9 bus from Charlbury to Witney and Chipping Norton will have an improved service from 1st September.

Buses will now be hourly every Monday–Saturday morning, with an approximately two-hourly service in the afternoon. (Times are in the PDF attached below: apologies for low resolution.)

The funding for the improved service has come from developer contributions, secured for the X9 thanks to work by Charlbury’s county councillor Liz Leffman and by Charlbury Town Council.

Richard Fairhurst · Tue 18 Aug 2020, 13:52 · Link

Free energy and money saving advice from Citizens Advice

Did you know that Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire has advisers who can help you sign up with a new fuel or electricity company, or switch to a better tariff?

There’s no charge for our time and you won’t be steered towards one particular supplier because we’re impartial, having no links with any of them. We offer one-on-one sessions (by telephone at present) and we’ll take a close look at your individual situation.

Now is the time to sort it out before winter closes in with cold autumn gales.

We can help you understand energy bills and various kinds of tariffs, supporting you if you want to switch and calculating the savings you might make. If you’ve fallen behind on bill payments, we can advise you on ways to reduce your debt by budgeting or trying a new payment scheme, for example.

We can also tell you about energy efficiency measures around the house, like draught-proofing windows and doors and installing LED light bulbs. Grants may be available to pay for thermal insulation.

We can check your benefit entitlements and help you to claim them if you’re eligible. There are several helpful schemes like the Priority Services Register and the Warm Home Discount.

And if you have any complaints against your current supplier, we can help you resolve them

Energy advice sessions are available over the phone. Contact us for an appointment on 01993 892057, email or visit

Liz Leffman · Mon 17 Aug 2020, 14:18 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • The Thatched Cottage The Slade Charlbury
    Discharge of condition 4 (large scale joinery details) of listed building consent 20/00967/LBC
    WODC reference: 20/02059/CND - Mon 10 Aug 2020 - Under consideration

Mon 17 Aug 2020, 06:15 · Link

The History of Charlbury through .... the Rose & Crown pub

Ann Lovett for Charlbury Museum

Charlbury has had many inns and alehouses in its past. Some live on in name only, now houses, such as The White Hart (closed in fairly recent memory) and The Royal Oak. Others have disappeared altogether having been demolished, like The Star, The Golden Ball and The Red Lion. Others, for example The Mason’s Arms and The Marlborough Arms, have become residential houses with new names.

One inn that has survived the centuries is The Rose and Crown. Its name is thought to date from the time of the end of the Wars of the Roses, referencing the marriage of Elizabeth of York and the Tudor King Henry VII in 1486. We don’t know the original date of the Rose and Crown but Lois Hey in her History of Charlbury tells us the first written evidence was in 1688 in the deeds of the old Barclay’s Bank, now the Deli. In the will of Mr Edward Dowsett, proved 1698, he leaves The Rose and Crown, run by his brother Robert, to his son Edward. It is also found in later wills, like that of Nicholas Wrenford (proved 1765), and then, from the C19, inns are some of the few properties identified by name in the census returns. For example Francis Grace was landlord in the 1841 census, Stephen Langford in 1911.

A notice of sale in the 1865 Oxford Journal tell us a little more about the Rose and Crown at that time. It says ……old-established and well known family hotel, with the coach-houses, stables, granaries, and other outbuildings…..

In 1905 the jewellers shop in Church Street, next to the Rose and Crown, caught fire, and the brewery Clinch and Co of Witney, who were then the owners, took the opportunity to demolish and rebuild, incorporating a new Post Office (now Cotswold Frames).

There was doubt in 1914 about the Rose and Crown having its license renewed. The Banbury Guardian reported there was opposition to the renewal of the licenses of the Rose and Crown and the Oxford House, in Market Street. It was said they weren’t needed as there was a public house for every 119 persons in this village(!!!!) The committee decided in favour of the Rose and Crown.

It has been called the Rose and Crown for most of the time, sometimes referred to as the Crown, though it was renamed the Charlbury Tavern for a while in the 1970s, before reverting to the Rose and Crown. Long may it remain as such.

Thanks to Charlbury Historical Research Group for the information obtained from wills.

Ref: Lois Hey A History of Charlbury (available from Charlbury Museum)

Douglas Rudlin The Life and Times of the Inns, Taverns and Beerhouses of Charlbury, Oxfordshire (hopefully back in stock at the museum soon)

Contact us through this site if you would like to purchase copies

Judy Dod · Fri 14 Aug 2020, 19:52 · Link

Charlbury street fair superhero scarecrow competiton and charlbury street fair art work competion

lasr few day for charlbury street faire superhero competion, please see poster or drop £2 in an envelope with you name and address to cotsworld frames.

Also it the last day before charlbury street fair children  art work competion  please let have loads of entires the theme is superhero so kids can draw, doctor nurse etc

Rachael Lunney · Fri 14 Aug 2020, 15:34 · Link

Neighbourhood Plan Submitted to WODC

On Monday 10th August 2020, Charlbury Town Council formally submitted the revised draft Charlbury Neighbourhood Plan 2031 to West Oxfordshire District Council.  Following this submission, responsibility for progression of the plan now lies with WODC and the Town Council is no longer able to make further changes to the draft plan.

WODC will publish the submitted plan for a further statutory 6 week (Regulation 16) Consultation which we expect to be held during September/October 2020 before independent examination of the plan in November 2020.   Charlbury Town Council encourages you to take part in this additional consultation and submit your comments to WODC  Comments received during this consultation will be considered by the examiner in their assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan.  When the Regulation 16 consultation opens, you will be able to download the revised plan documents from the WODC website.  We will post another news item here with links to the WODC site and to let you know where to send representations.

Following the independent examination, and if the examiner recommends that the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum, those on the electoral register for Charlbury will be able to vote on whether or not the Neighbourhood Plan should be ‘made’ and thereby inform the determination of planning applications in the Parish.

In the meantime, (i.e. before the Regulation 16 consultation opens) you can viewed the submission draft of the plan on the Neighbourhood Plan website at where you can now also see all of the representations we received during the pre-submission consultation in September/October 2019.  But please remember that the Town Council cannot now make further changes to the plan and any further comments on the plan must now be directed to WODC.

It was our original intention to submit the Neighbourhood Plan to WODC in April this year but this important stage in the plan's progress was unavoidably delayed as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.

Peter Kenrick · Thu 13 Aug 2020, 19:01 · Link

Cornbury to the rescue!

Dear Wild Things of all sizes,

We are ecstatic to be able to tell you that we have FOUND A NEW SITE!

The wonderful Lord Rotherwick and his team at Cornbury park, have come to our rescue at the 11th hour and have offered us part of their gorgeous estate to work from. Best of all, it is on the very edge of Charlbury, only five minutes away from our previous site, so we can continue to play with all you delightful people!

We are very much hoping to be able to start running sessions in some form from mid-September. Things will be a little different due to the various virus restrictions, but we will do our absolute best to make things as much fun as we can.

In order to get this new place up and running, we need to have a site survey, undertake some tree work and put in a carpark.

We are desperate to do all this so that we can start offering you all sessions again, BUT we think it’s going to cost us around £5000 to make everything shipshape and get the new site up and running. Although we have been gratefully making use of the available government support, we have had no income at all since March, and with various ongoing costs our pockets are now quite literally empty! We know it’s a lot to ask in these uncertain times but if you could possibly support us with a small donation we would be eternally grateful and you will be doing your bit to ensure the survival of our small business and the blissful muddiness of many, many local children.

Please help us by donating whatever pennies you can spare on our JustGiving page, by sharing our fundraising campaign and by spreading our exciting news far and wide!!!

Little Wild Things justgiving page

We can’t wait to see you all again! Watch this space for more details on when you can come and check out our new digs!

Hooray hooray hooray!

Your wild friends,

Chris, Charlotte, Alice and Charlotte

Charlie Hansford · Thu 13 Aug 2020, 12:17 · Link

Dry-Stone walling on Nine Acres

Some will have noticed that the dry-stone wall bordering the Enstone Road footway entrance to Nine Acres playing fields has been beautifully restored after being vandalised early last year.

This has been done by the Wychwood Project (Dry-Stone Walling Group). This group of volunteers has worked on the project for many months - interrupted by winter storms and Covid 19.

The Nine Acres Committee is hugely grateful for the time and craftsmanship that these folk have donated to our community.

Phil Morgan · Tue 11 Aug 2020, 12:28 · Link

Charlbury street fair superhero scarecrow competiton


We are extending  the deadline by a week, to allow more people to entry, it be grrat if all streets of charlbury had one,


Nursed, doctors, delivery drivers, post person, food shop workers etc.

It a way to celebrate thrm 

Rachael Lunney · Mon 10 Aug 2020, 19:37 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • 1 Wychwood Close Charlbury
    First floor front and single storey rear extensions
    WODC reference: 20/01814/HHD - Tue 04 Aug 2020 - Under consideration

Mon 10 Aug 2020, 06:15 · Link

The History of Charlbury through .... the Spendlove car park

Barbara Allison for Charlbury Museum

If you were standing in the middle of the Spendlove site in 1937, you would not be standing on tarmac in the middle of a carpark, surrounded by cars and buildings, but in a lovely garden! A public footpath ran through the site, as it does today, and on either side were laid out flower and vegetable beds. The path was grass, and was lined with fruit trees, which look quite new in the photographs here, with flower beds between them. There was a rose garden, with ramblers climbing over ‘rustic poles’, and shrubs along the boundary of the plot. There were bee hives, and even poultry. Vic Brackenbury remembers there were six seats in the garden, and it was a lovely place for young mums and older people to meet and chat.

The garden was a school garden, and was maintained by the senior children – the 11 to 14/15 year olds - at Charlbury County School which was on the Playing Close. The site had originally been a meadow, and about a quarter of it was obtained by the school in October 1927, and the rest of the 2 acres in the next year. It had never been ploughed and the boys had to dig it over. They found numerous items, including clay pipes and wig curlers! The boys grew the vegetables for the school kitchens and liked taking them there ‘because the girls gave them a cake or biscuit’ (the girls learnt cooking). The garden had a big tool shed, which the boys in the woodwork class helped erect. It had tools of all sorts and sizes. Everlasting flowers were hung in there to dry, and sold for ‘threepence a bunch’ for school funds. Boys mowed the grass – ‘it was a big thrill’ to use the heavy cast iron motor mower.

The teacher in charge of the garden and gardening was WD (Bill) Campbell, who became a well- known naturalist, ornithologist, and writer. He came to the school in 1928, at a time when many schools had gardens. Under his care, Charlbury School’s garden became famous, and visitors came from all over the world, including China, to see it.

Judy Dod · Fri 7 Aug 2020, 17:41 · Link

Cornerstone at the Corner House

The Corner House is now home to a new community hub for Charlbury called the Cornerstone. Set up by St. Mary’s Church with help from the Community Centre, the soft launch of the Cornerstone project will be on August 10th 2020, when the doors will open for the expanded Give & Take, the Learning Café and the Place to Talk.

Expanding the Give & Take with the help of Christine Elliott and apple sharing, will allow Charlbury residents to have a year-round place to share excess local produce (look out for our daily list of fruit and veg) and continue to support our community larder. St Mary’s will continue to manage financial donations to allow purchases of fresh food for local families.

The Learning Café will be run in conjunction with the Community Centre and the Youth Team. Help on homework can be provided year round and, until the library opens again, the Cornerstone plans to host Story Time Mornings for younger children. We also have plans for the Learning Café to be a place for lifelong learning.

A Place to Talk will bring advisory services to Charlbury in the next few months. The Cornerstone is working with Citizens Advice Bureau and other service groups to give them a place to meet with Charlbury residents.

We are grateful to the Corner House for making space for the Cornerstone. The Youth Team did a great job repainting the former library space, and we are cobbling together furnishings and making bunting to add to the ambience of this new community space. We’ll be open Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm in August and increase hours to 10am to 3pm in September.

We believe the Cornerstone can provide a base for all of Charlbury which would enable us to build a stronger community, both for those who give and those who receive. If you would like more information on the Cornerstone, please contact us at, or call us on 819253.

Jo Paton · Fri 7 Aug 2020, 14:07 · Link

Ticknell Piece Play Area and Picnics

The Town Council is delighted to see the new play equipment at Ticknell Piece being well used and enjoyed.  We know the enforced delay in opening it has been frustrating but we thank you for your understanding.  We have also noticed that some of you are taking advantage of the good weather to enjoy a picnic in the area.  If you are doing either or both of these things then by all means enjoy yourselves but please follow the COVID guidelines and PLEASE be considerate to local residents and others.


  • DO use hand sanitiser and wash hands thoroughly before and after using the equipment.
  • Don't allow dogs into the fenced play area - there is plenty of space for dogs beyond the play area.
  • Don't use the grassed area between the play area and the houses for picnicing, playing games or any other purpose.  This is an amenity space for the benefit of residents of this park of Ticknell Piece Road - it is NOT a public space.  Please use the space on the other side of the play area, towards the skate park which is a public space managed by the town council for you.
  • Please avoid parking cars in the vicinity of the play area.  Space is very limited here and inconsiderate parking can be a real problem for residents.  Please walk or cycle to the area if at all possible.  If it is absolutely essential for you to take a car, please park carefully in the area that leads off Ticknell Piece Road towards the  Bowls Club - this has easy and close walking access to the play area and centenary wood space - But DO NOT park within the Bowls Club itself or impede access to the club.
  • Please don't let the actions of a few spoil things for everyone else - thank you.

Peter Kenrick · Fri 7 Aug 2020, 11:34 · Link

Free shop Local Charlbury bags

In a bid to get you all to support your local shops in Charlbury Cotswold Frames is giving away a free "Shop Local" Charlbury Tote bag, all you need to do is spend over £40.00 * at Cotswold Frames to receive your free bag, or  you can just purchase a bag for £5.00 if you prefer. 

*Offer available while shop local bags stock last and also please note that this offer excludes any picture framing purchases. 

So go on shop local you know it makes sense.

Tim at Cotswold Frames · Fri 7 Aug 2020, 10:13 · Link

Charlbury street fair superhero scarecrow competiton

last few days to entry the competion.

It be great to have lots, let make charlbury look colourfull. 

Companies and groups can take part to. 

All money raised goes to the corner house and memioral hall

Rachael Lunney · Thu 6 Aug 2020, 19:17 · Link

Children's Art Competition - DEADLINE 15 August!

Calling all Primary School age children (4-11 years)

This year the Street Fair Committee would like you to draw or paint a picture of your Superhero or heroes. It might be Superman or Spiderman, or perhaps it's the NHS or other Key Workers or Captain Tom Moore, Joe Wicks, your favourite sports person, or someone in your family... the possibilities are endless!

You can use felt tip pens, colouring pencils, paint or even collage materials, but please make your picture no bigger than A4.

When you have finished your picture, take it along to Tim at Cotswold Frames in Market Street by Saturday 15th August. Please don't forget to put your name, age and a contact phone number on the back.

There are great prizes to be won, kindly donated by Charlbury Art Society and Cotswold Frames. So get drawing and GOOD LUCK!

Maureen Sparling · Wed 5 Aug 2020, 19:04 · Link

Creativity in a Closed Time

Charlbury's artists have been keeping busy during the past few months of lockdown despite the challenges it has presented. 

It has not been possible to exhibit work, to go to galleries or to meet with others to exchange creative ideas. 

 However twenty-five Art Society members have entered work for Creativity in a Closed Time, an exhibition of paintings, prints, sculpture and photographs made during lockdown. 

The work will be on shown in the windows of ten locations around town throughout August. 

Start at The Deli where you will see a colourful cock and hen by Eleanor Clutton-Brock and a fiddle playing cow by Isabel Knowland. Isabel is also exhibiting prints and sculpture in The Deli throughout August. 

Leaving fortified by a coffee, turn right and head down Church Street. Just past the Rose and Crown is Cheorl House with paintings and prints by four artists. Cross the street to find Gothic House with Briony Lawson's sculpture. 

A couple of doors further down is Royal Oak with four artists including a wood carving by Hallam Duckworth who is exhibiting for the first time. Carry on through the churchyard to Church Lane. Look out for Forest Cottage on the right with paintings by Maureen Sparling and Susan Woolley, then continue on to Dyers Hill. 

At the top is Catherine Binnie's sculpture and painting. Turn right into Market Street passing Crinan House showing David Pollock's watercolours. A little further on the right is Redding Wyck with a linocut by Jody O'Reilly and paintings by her children Jack and Megan. Continue along Market Street ending the trail at No 11 and The Old Fish Shop. 

Charlbury Art Society would like to thank everyone who has allowed the use of their windows. We hope to be back in the Cornbury Room at the Bell Hotel in October for our next exhibition on the theme of Displacement.

Tony Lloyd · Mon 3 Aug 2020, 22:08 · Link

Canoe Club Reopens

Charlbury Canoe Club recommences its regular sunday afternoon event at 2.30pm on 9th August .Please maintain social distancing on arrival and whilst awaiting issueing of equipment. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Hugh Belshaw · Mon 3 Aug 2020, 15:19 · Link

Charlbury Deli's supporting the Government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme

The Deli's enthusiastically supporting the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme. For the avoidance of doubt: we're supporting it because we think it's good for Charlbury and for the Deli. What the Deli directors think about the rest of its policies they're keeping to ourselves.

What's the offer?

Everyone, including children, gets 50% off food and soft drinks consumed at the Deli* That includes just having a cup of the best coffee in the Cotswolds. Or having a slice of one of Lynne's home-made cakes - as long as you intend eating it at our seats.

But isn't the Deli socially distancing?

Yes. The indoors cafe seats won't open till we're convinced it's safe to reduce social distancing. But there are seats in our garden and outside on Market St. And there's new sculpture in the garden.

When’s it on?

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August. You can use the offer as often as you like*

How will it work?

Our prices will be halved when you pay.

Do you need vouchers?

No. Just expect to pay half what you expected on food and non-alcoholic drinks. Including our new alcohol-free wines

Is there a limit?

The 50% discount is capped at £10 per person. Each time you eat or drink*

Is there a catch?

Let's be clear: this isn't being funded by shareholders. Every Wednesday night, we tell HMRC how much we've discounted, and HMRC will put that amount into our bank account by the following Tuesday (which is about as long as it'd take us to get credit for a card transaction). Throughout this crisis, HMRC's been 100% reliable at getting money into our account when they said they will.

One oddity is that during the promotion, it'll be cheaper to eat a pork pie at our seats than to take it home. That might sound silly, but them's the rules and we didn't make them. 

*There must be some small print

Well: you can't claim discount on alcoholic drinks. And it's only Mon-Wed in August. But you can come back as often as you like. Otherwise: that's it

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