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Does nothing rhyme with Charlbury?

From the Oxford Mail:

"Emmerdale actor Freddie Jones and the late playwright David Halliwell are among the contributors to a new anthology of poems about Charlbury.

"Does Nothing Rhyme With Charlbury? is the brainchild of local publisher Jon Carpenter and was edited by resident Rob Stepney.

"Poems by Charlbury actor Mr Jones, who plays Sandy Thomas in the ITV soap opera, and Little Malcolm author Mr Halliwell, who died in March, feature in the anthology, alongside work by other residents.

"Mr Stepney said: 'This is a collection of poems about Charlbury by anyone, and by Charlbury people about any- thing. It is remarkable that you can get such a strong and varied body of work from a very small town.'

"Subjects covered in the anthology include love, loss, seasons, beer, cricket and anger.

"One poem, written by Frank Dunn in 1973, celebrates Charlbury's annual street fair. It reads: Lords and ladies, lads and lasses! / If the weather should be fine / Throng the Charlbury street in masses / On September twenty nine.

"Another poem, by Mr Halliwell, is a dialogue between two lovers who imagine All Saints Church, in Shorthampton, near Charlbury, as the scene of their wedding. The extract was reproduced with permission from his sister Liz Antcliffe and brother Roger.

"Mr Stepney added that the popularity of the anthology had inspired Mr Carpenter to look into publishing a series of books featuring other towns and villages in Oxfordshire.

"Does Nothing Rhyme With Charlbury? costs £8.99, £2.50 of which goes to the All Saints Church appeal. It is on sale at Evenlode Books, in Market Street, Charlbury."

Richard Fairhurst · Wed 27 Sep 2006, 09:13 · Link

Street Fair latest

Early indications are that we have raised at least £10,500 - this truly is a record, in our charter year. We would like to give a big thank you to all of you who so generously gave of your time, money etc to make it such a success. There are too many people to thank – but you know who you are, so a BIG thank you from all the Street Fair Committee

Susie Finch · Sun 24 Sep 2006, 17:17 · Link

Recycle your inkjet and toner cartridges and old mobiles!

Charlbury's bookshop is pioneering a new recycling facility in the town, and it isn't just the environment that benefits.

Bring empty inkjet cartridges (not Epson, and not Canon cartridges other than Bubblejet) to Evenlode Books in Market Street and Oxfam will receive £1 for each one. Toner cartridges (any make) are worth £2 each. Mobiles bring Oxfam £5 each on average. They are all re-used and re-manufactured as far as possible, and only scrapped as a last resort.

These items contain valuable metals and nefarious pollutants, so there is every reason not to put them in a wheelie bin anyway. If you put them in your recycling box, they won't be re-used, just scrapped. And worse still, all business waste goes straight to landfill, even if it could have been recycled!

If you want more detailed information about exactly what happens, go to

Jon Carpenter · Thu 21 Sep 2006, 12:29 · Link

Wheelie bins to go fortnightly - but not until 2008

West Oxfordshire District Council has confirmed that weekly recycling collections will continue - but from 2008, standard (non-recycled) wheelie bins will only be collected every fortnight.

When this change takes place, a new weekly kitchen food waste collection will also be introduced.

The full press release explains:

"West Oxfordshire District Council is reassuring residents that weekly household recycling collections will continue as part of its commitment to boost recycling rates in the District. Plans are also to add additional recycling with a separate weekly kitchen waste collection. This will cause a reduction in residual waste allowing the non-recyclable bins to be collected fortnightly. It is forecasted that these changes will not be implemented until 2008 at the earliest.

"'The amount of waste going to landfill has to be reduced substantially, so doing nothing is not an option,' says Cllr David Harvey, Cabinet Member for Environment. 'Because our current household waste collection system is very popular, we have looked at all the options available to us and believe that the one we are proposing is the best for our residents.'

"Cllr Harvey continues, 'Councils throughout the country are moving to fortnightly collections, which cause concerns that after two weeks food waste will smell and attract flies, particularly during the summer. This is why we are proposing a separate weekly collection of kitchen food waste, which will be taken for composting and have the additional advantage of increasing our recycling.'

"The Council is proposing to continue with its chargeable garden waste collection service, but will be encouraging residents to compost more at home as part of a general drive to minimise waste.

"Failure to meet Government targets in 2010 will lead to penalties for authorities who are not diverting enough of their waste from landfill. The fines will be high at £150 a tonne and fall on local tax payers, so all local authorities not currently meeting these targets are likely to be introducing new systems. In Oxfordshire there is a county-wide agreement to reduce waste and each Council is reviewing their current waste collections."

Richard Fairhurst · Wed 20 Sep 2006, 17:35 · Link

Andrew Sears is first Charlbury man home in the Street Fair 10K

Apologies to all, and especially Andrew Sears, for not pointing out that HE was in fact the first Local resident home in Sunday's 10k through Cornbury Park.
Andrew did point out that he is now local, so the Organisers are now eating humble pie at this error.

Neil MacAlpine · Wed 20 Sep 2006, 14:00 · Link

Charlbury Street Fair 10K and Fun Run Results, for September 17th 2006

CHARLBURY STREET FAIR 10k and 2.5 mile Fun Run.

September 17th 2006

Sunday was the 18th running of this event, which says something about the commitment of Dean Vincent, the Race organiser and local Pharmacy owner.
This is a race that people come back to time and again – has anybody ran the lot? It would be interesting to hear of your experiences, and how it might have changed?
It would also be good to hear reactions to the run on the Forum generally.
There was strong competition from another 10K at Blenheim but, across the 10K and Fun Run, numbers held up to the usual 100 or so (a notable feature being the larger entry for the Fun Run this year).
The day was beautiful, and warm. Another sign that the world is slowly warming up perhaps, along with the positively huge blackberry crop. As I walk around with the dog I just can’t eat them all!
The beautiful views in Cornbury Park were commented upon, and you have to admit that you have to do this run, if just to be allowed to see them this once a year.
The winning time was slightly adrift of previous years, but still very creditable in the heat, and was also notable the first female home was a Junior, Melissa, from the Running Hawtin team (just look at the Fun Run results). As usual though this is not a race for PBs.
Dean himself trailed in nearer the back, but he was escorting his daughter round, so he says – she definitely cavorted away from him at the end though, strongly enough to win the first Local Female Prize.
Some other notable performances – Geoffrey Griffiths continues to show the benefit of his long Sunday runs, and surely now needs to try a flatter Road 10k to see how fast he can run.
Michael Sibly showed too that there is life in old dogs yet, and Nick Moglia showed his usual impressive speed to clinch the Local winner title.
In the Fun Run Greg Hole showed just how easy this running lark is anyway – getting some moderate racing fuel at the Street Fair the night before, a nice cooked breakfast, and hey presto, you can also show the fleet footed Juniors a thing or two.

10K race
PRIZES: 1ST Male – Simon Pritchard
1’st Female – Melissa Hawtin
1’st Male Vet – Alan Reynolds
1’st Female Vet – Kath Lowe
1’st Local Male – Nick Moglia
1’st Local Female – Thomasina Vincent

1. Simon Pritchard 37.18
2. Andy Blenkinsop 38.02
3. Andrew Sears 39.55
4. David McCoy 40.12
5. Ben Breaker 40.16
6. Alan Reynolds (Male Vet) 40.39
7. Melissa Hawtin (Junior Girl) 40.43
8. Henry Morris (MVet) 40.51
9. Sophie Dawson (Female) 41.21
10. Malcolm Brown (MVet) 41.29
11. Fraser Howard 42.17
12. David Ponting 42.34
13. Reg Smith (MVet) 42.43
14. Nick Andrews 42.59
15. Jeremy Beach 43.27
16. Nick Moglia (1st Local man) 44.14
17. Monty Philips (Local man) 44.50
18. Brian Jenkins 45.28
19. Fraze Mackay 46.01
20. Wiz Bunce (MVet) 46.11
21. David Busby 46.24
22. Peter Couchman (MVet) 47.07
23. Geoff Griffiths (MVet, Local) 47.18
24. Terence Longstreth 47.31
25. Andrew Parker (MV) 47.35
26. Kirsten Perrett (F) 48.06
27. Tim Chapman (MV) 48.07
28. Paul Perrett 48.08
29. Richard Clarke 48.09
30. Pete Dorey (Local) 48.27
31. Ronan Tomlinson (F) 48.33
32. Kath Lowe (1st LocalFV) 48.46
33. Simon Carter 49.02
34. John Warnock 49.06
35. Richard Jarvis (MV) 49.20
36. Samantha Rees (FVet) 49.26
37. Raj Sharma 49.39
38. Daniel Cantrell 50.35
39. Charlie Sinton (Local) 50.41
40. Michael Sibly (LocalVet) 50.50
41. Sally Miles (FVet) 51.15
42. Anne White 51.18
43. Kevin Grealis 51.21
44. Authur White (FV) 51.42
45. Elizabeth Rapa 51.46
46. Martin Strangwood (MV) 52.06
47. Emil Larsen (1st Dane) 52.15
48. Matt Deeley 53.59
49. Rod Densham (Local) 54.15
50. Jerry Barker (MV) 55.17
51. Maurie Prew (MV) 56.20
52. Neil Jarvis (MV) 56.20
53. Lars Larsen (2nd Dane MV) 56.28
54. Elizabeth Clutterbuck (F) 56.55
55. Isabel Troy (F) 57.48
56. Lilian Carpenter (FV) 58.50
57. John Hayes (Local) 59.07
58. Jim Pearce (MV) 59.07
59. Chris Palmer 60.24
60. Matt Cardy 60.24
61. Helen Roskell 61.02
62. Neil Leslie 61.13
63. Tracey Reynolds (FV) 61.39
64. Jane Mylchrest (FV) 61.39
65. David Holley (MV) 62.14
66. Deborah McTaggart (FV) 62.37
67. David Rees 63.07
68. Richard Miles (MV) 63.26
69. Deborah Beesley (FV) 64.05
70. Melony Adams (FV) 64.05
71. Elaine Longstreth 64.50
72. Chris Baker (MV) 64.51
73. Thea Powell-Jones (LocalF) 66.55
74. Thomasina Vincent (F) 68.23
75. Dean Vincent (LocalVet) 68.30
76. Kim Pierpoint (F) 68.35
77. Elizabeth Tatham (FV) 68.41


1st Junior female (and first overall) Lauren Hawtin
1’st Junior Boy – Nick Bridle

1. Lauren Hawtin (JuniorF) 16.50
2. Nick Bridle (JuniorM) 16.57
3. David Hall (M) 17.00
4. Matthew Marshall (JuniorM) 17.41
5. Bethany Hawtin (JunF) 17.51
6. Jade Walker (JunF) 18.23
7. Imogen Van Zyl (JunF) 18.49
8. Jess Anstice (JunF) 20.04
9. Aran Redhead (JunM) 21.47
10. Terry Redhead (M) 21.48
11. Greg Hole (M) 21.55
12. Nick Way (M) 22.03
13. Christopher Love (JunM) 22.05
14. R. Bello (F) 22.53
15. William Ford (JunM) 23.25
16. Pierre Marshall (JunM) 24.57
17. Christine Marshall (F) 24.59
18. Peter Marshall (M) 25.00
19. Finn Doyle (M) 25.10
20. Hanna Turner (F) 25.34
21. Arthur Whitehead (JunM) 27.32
22. Charlie Miles (JunF) 27.48
23. Charlotte Wells (JunF) 27.48
24. Harriet Whitehead (JunF) 28.12
25. Una Liley (F) 28.16
26. Sarah Gunn (F) 28.51
27. Heine Van Zyl (M) 35.00

Reactions to the Race in the Runners World

2006 race reviewed by: C Palmer
Overall score 60%
Would you do it again? Yes

Scenery 80%
PB potential 60%
Atmosphere 40%
Organisation 60%
Value 60%
Beginner-friendliness 80%
In short: downhill dash at start =uphill finish plus other ups and downs Good fresh air and day out from LondonIn full: Well there were roads, grass, long grass, ups and down and more up and down, more roads, field edge footpaths and looping back to Charlbury for more roads and up - no down - to the finish. On the unseasonable hot day the cold water station was most welcome. The fun run starting off together with us made it - fun as my friend was in the fun run (which was taken seriously).Only gripe was the distance markers were in miles ( for a 10K race?) Good clean toilets, easy parking.CheapDate of review: September 17, 2006

2006 race reviewed by: Rowan Tomlinson
Overall score 100%
Would you do it again? Yes

Scenery 100%
PB potential 60%
Atmosphere 60%
Organisation 60%
Value 100%
Beginner-friendliness 60%
In short: A beautiful, if quite hilly, run through the Cotswolds. Deserves even more entrants. Date of review: September 17, 2006

So, everyone, just keep pootling round whatever training regime you do, and turn up and take part, in next year’s spectacular.

Neil MacAlpine.

Neil MacAlpine · Mon 18 Sep 2006, 10:24 · Link

Le Jog completed!

Well, I finally reached my goal on Saturday morning at 9.30am. John O'Groats was basking in late summer sunshine and I could clearly see the Orkney Islands.

I covered a total distance of 1033 miles in seventeen days, averaging 60 miles per day. The route was mainly on 'B' roads and other minor roads. I stayed at B&B's each evening and made good use of the local tourist boards in the areas that I passed through to get accommodation.

I am very grateful to all those people who assisted me in this venture and I am now in the process of collecting in my sponsor money which will go to Macmillan Cancer Support in Oxfordshire. It is still not too late to donate at The Pharmacy if you have not done so!! Thank you again to all those who have already given so generously.

Ian Grierson.

Ian Grierson · Mon 11 Sep 2006, 14:36 · Link

SHED are back from Edinburgh

Now we have returned from Edinburgh, we can certainly confirm that it really was an adventure. We had an exciting, exilirating and exhausting week that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

The group were hardworking and professional as well as being delightful, charming and a pleasure to be with. We were very proud of them and the way they embraced the whole experience.

Every day was a combination of fun, work and relaxation. We walked up and down the streets of Edinburgh, to and from our venue and the Royal mile, singing songs by the Beatle's and the Monkey's. We performed on the outdoor stages up the Mile,as well as walking up and down it singing Athen Rye to the tunes of Sam Parker's violin, promoting our show and getting in an audience.
Our venue C34 was one of the major theatre's and right in the heart of the fringe. We were delighted when Hartley Kemp, who runs C venues, asked us to come back and perform again. We most certainly will.

We all had passes that gave us free addmission to all C Venues and every evening we watched the students go out, looking absolutely fabulous, to enjoy Edinburgh. When they returned they were full of tales and adventures, they saw, comedy, drama, stand up, live music, accapelo, flamenco, nudity!. They all had differing opinions on what was great but they we all loved Think Pink.

The flat arrangements were perfect, encouraging a strong team spirit while allowing a certain level of independance for this senior group. Getting them to bed and then up again in the mornings was always fun.

In aspiring to be a part of The Edinburgh Fringe we were hoping for a wonderful, developmental experience for all of us at SHED. We feel we achieved this and more. We have appeared on a professional stage, promoted our show to people from all over the world, learned about performing for a critical audience and seen many other performers in action.

We would like to thank all those parents, friends and families who came up to Bonny Scotland to support us, and everyone who helped to get us there in the first place.

SHED will be performing Athen Rye at the Street Fair.

A date is being arranged for a final performance of Victims of Freedom in The Memorial Hall. Date to follow.

SHED Open Day on Sun Oct 15th where there will be a display of some of the hundreds of photos taken in Edinburgh. All welcome.

Chris Wray, Sue Cochrane, Trish Fraser, Teresa Laughton
SHED Theatre

Sue Cochrane · Sat 9 Sep 2006, 13:56 · Link

Charlbury leads the way on Green Issues

Residents of Charlbury will be leading the way when they launch the
Sustainable Charlbury (SusCha) initiative at a meeting on Friday October 6th
in the town's Memorial Hall. The meeting, which will start at 8.00pm, is
open to all. The purpose is to discuss ways in which individuals and groups
in the town can cut carbon emissions, reducing the town's contribution to
global warming and climate change. The initiative has already caught the eye
of a TV production company who have expressed an interest in following
SusCha's progress, and talks about making a documentary series are underway.

Founder member of SusCha Liz Reason says "Unless people everywhere take
personal responsibility for reducing carbon emissions, climate change will
fast become a real threat. SusCha is the brainchild of a small group of
Charlbury and Finstock residents, who believe that we have a responsibility
to our children and to future generations to significantly reduce our carbon

Jon Carpenter, who runs Charlbury's bookshop, says "As a local
trader, I am right behind SusCha. It isn't just up to governments, it's up
to us all to make a difference, and the good news is that we can. That is
what SusCha wants to explore with our community." Everyone is welcome to
come to the Memorial Hall meeting with their ideas. A preview is planned at
the Charlbury Street Fair on September 16th, where Sustainable Charlbury
(SusCha) will have a stand. For further information, call Liz Reason on
01608 811212

Richard Fairhurst · Thu 7 Sep 2006, 17:59 · Link

Charlbury man jailed for nine years

From the Oxford Mail:

"A man who attempted to murder his fiance by throwing electrical appliances into her bath before he forced her head under the water has been jailed for nine years.

"Gary Boyland, 35, of Sturt Close, Charlbury, was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court, after being found guilty of the attempted murder of Lynsey Brooks, 24, at his trial last month.

"Boyland threw a hair dryer, stereo and lamp into the water while Miss Brooks was in the bath. When a trip switch kicked in saving her from electrocution, Boyland got into the bath and held her head under water, the court heard.

"Boyland attempted to kill Miss Brooks after discovering a telephone bill which showed she had been calling lover Ken Sheppard, the jury was told. Judge Anthony King rejected Boyland's claim that he didn't believe throwing the items into the bath would kill Miss Brooks."

Full story here.

Richard Fairhurst · Tue 5 Sep 2006, 23:28 · Link

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