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Are First Great Western improving?

The latest analysis of data from the Commuter Blog on this website suggests that First Great Western’s performance on the Cotswold Line has improved slightly in recent times. The figures for January 2008 are as follows:

No. of trains surveyed 224
% of all Cotswold Line trains surveyed 32.8
No. of trains cancelled 8
% of trains cancelled 3.6
No. of trains on time 62
% of trains on time 28.7
No. of trains running late* 154
% of trains running late 71.3
Average delay (minutes) 9.1

  • Defined as more than 1 minute behind schedule.

    The average delay to the services reported is the best since last September and the percentage of trains running on time is the best since this blog began last February. The percentage of trains cancelled has improved from 12.4% in December. The percentage of all Cotswold Line trains surveyed is the highest since the blog began, so congratulations to everyone who has taken the trouble to record their travel experiences. On the whole though, the figures are still nothing to write home about, with over 70% of all reported trains running at least 1 minute behind schedule. Let’s see if this (perceived) improvement in performance is sustained in the months to come.

    Derek Collett · Wed 13 Feb 2008, 10:57 · Link

  • Beating the bounds

    If you go to
    and listen again to the latest (Feb 10) edition of Digging Up Your Roots, you'll hear Charlbury museum curator Ron Prew talking about the drowning of a young girl in the mill stream in 1924 during the annual beating the bounds. The girl was the aunt of Susan Leckie, a listener to Radio Scotland who told her story to the programme. Her story starts about 15 minutes into the programme.

    Jon Carpenter · Tue 12 Feb 2008, 16:07 · Link

    Charlbury Post Office safe

    The Post Office has announced its planned closures for Oxfordshire, and the Charlbury branch is to remain open. Local closures will include Chadlington and Combe.

    Richard Fairhurst · Tue 5 Feb 2008, 18:03 · Link

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