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Scam awareness

Sadly Scams are on the increase and ANYONE can fall victim to them. Scammers and fraudsters are incredibly clever!

Representatives from Thames Valley Police, OCC Trading Standards and Age UK will be talking about how to spot potential scams and prevent fraud.

Please come along, it will be really informative and the advice given will be invaluable. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wesley Smith · Fri 30 Nov 2018, 15:10 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

Mon 26 Nov 2018, 08:00 · Link

Charlbury as a Cotswold Gateway

Walkers are Welcome have been successful in getting two grants for Charlbury to be recognised as a Costwolds Gateway Town.
The first came through the Cotswolds Conservation Board as a government grant to help the rural economy. This amounts to about £3000 plus the services of the Cotswolds Voluntary Wardens to carry out the work.
The second came fro Great Western Railway as a Community grant of £5000 to improve and publicise walking and cycling.
There will be quite a bit of work involved including up grading of the Mill Field Circular path and the permissive path from Banbury Hill through Wigwell both of which will mean you don't have to walk on busy roads.
the aim is to provide a series of short circular walks - of 4 miles or less that are made readily accessible.
In addition there will be a series of new and replacement notices in Mill Field, in the Town and at the station.
Also improved signage for cyclists will be provided and new entrance Town Signs
This will be something that we want people to get involved with in all aspects of the work. To find out more come along to the Corner House on Saturday 1st December where there will be a display of the walks and signs and people to talk to. We hope to get lots of volunteers and ideas
Look forward to seeing you there
Tony Merry

Tony H Merry · Sun 25 Nov 2018, 16:31 · Link

Reverse Advent Calendar

A Reverse Advent Calendar is a way of bringing Christmas hope to those in need, moving the focus from receiving to giving and sharing. This year Churches Together in Charlbury are organising a Reverse Advent Calendar in aid of the Steppin' Stone Centre, Oxford. From Advent Sunday, you can collect a cardboard box from one of the Charlbury churches, or wrap your own cardboard box. Every day of Advent place one item from the list below into the box. From Christmas Eve until the middle of January, these boxes can be taken to St Mary's church and they will be collected and delivered to the Centre. Steppin Stone would be grateful for:
Coffee, sugar
Stock cubes, spices and herbs
Long life juice
Tins of corned beef, meat, tuna salmon etc.
Tins of rice pudding, fruit etc.
Non perishable packets pasta, rice etc.
(All edible items to have long sell by dates please).
Washing powder
Disposable razors
Deodorant, shower gel etc.
New socks.
Thank you.

Jo Paton · Thu 22 Nov 2018, 13:23 · Link

Bigger Recycling bins

Bigger wheelie bins for keen recyclers

West Oxfordshire residents wanting to recycle more can now swap to a larger recycling wheelie bin for free.

The current blue-lidded bin for recycling materials is a standard 240 litre size, but the new bin at 360 litres offers 50% more capacity.

To order a bigger recycling bin, or any additional recycling containers, call 01993 861025 or email

Susie Finch · Wed 21 Nov 2018, 15:28 · Link

Charlbury Community Speedwatch Update

The Charlbury Community Speedwatch Team has conducted three further sessions on the Slade in November, this time with a large Speed Indicator Board that we have borrowed from the police and which increased our visibility.

Consequently, the speeds observed were much reduced from previous sessions, with only 12% of vehicles driving at speeds above 30mph in contrast to 32% previously. However, as soon as the team packed up, then vehicles started speeding again.

We believe that, in the interests of safety and quality of life, more permanent measures are needed, such as the proposed 20mph limit, a "twenty is plenty" campaign, alterations to road layout and a Speed Indicator Board of our own. The police have suggested that many of those speeding are locals (not just in Charlbury - in other locations nearby) and so targeted publicity around town is also an option.

We continue to be approached by residents asking us to check their roads and so speed is clearly an issue for many in our town. We have been asked to report progress to the Town Council on the evening of 26th November 2018. If you have any stories or comments about speed, please do let us know by emailing us at Finally, thank you to all those drivers who do drive considerately and within the limit.

Charlbury Community Speedwatch · Tue 20 Nov 2018, 11:26 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Pomme D Or Enstone Road Charlbury
    Proposed dormers in West facing roof slope
    WODC reference: 18/03107/HHD - Wed 14 Nov 2018 - Under consideration
  • Ivy House Church Lane Charlbury
    Internal and external alterations to refurbish property including removal of existing and construction of new entrance porch and erection of single storey extension to East elevation. Changes to internal layout, including removal of spiral staircase, and alterations to fenestration.
    WODC reference: 18/03066/LBC - Tue 13 Nov 2018 - Under consideration
  • Ivy House Church Lane Charlbury
    Refurbishment of property to include removal of existing and construction of new entrance porch and erection of single storey extension to East elevation.
    WODC reference: 18/03065/HHD - Tue 13 Nov 2018 - Under consideration

Mon 19 Nov 2018, 08:00 · Link

Cedar Cross

As you may remeber, earlier this year we had a catastrophic failure of the large Western Red Cedar in the churchyard, and it had to be removed. As a result there were quantities of red cedar wood lying around for anyone to collect. A sculpter in wood took away several branches, and now as a thank you, he has used some of it to create this wonderful cross. At the moment it is in front of the altar in St Mary's, but in time we will need to find a suitable place for it so it can be properly appreciated. The scupter in question is Jason Fryers 07508 483101 or if you want to thank him personally.

Mike Summers · Sat 17 Nov 2018, 09:44 · Link

Crowdfunding Campaign

I'm hoping that people are interested in my campaign? I launched it following my talk on Child Brain Injury on Tuesday evening. I'd welcome discussion and comments.

Nicola Leyland · Thu 15 Nov 2018, 18:19 · Link

The Swifts are Flying

Charlbury Art Society has completed the first phase of a Community Art Project to make and install swoops of swifts. The individual birds have been made from mosaic and the first swoop has been placed on the Nine Acres Pavilion wall in the courtyard outside the library.

This community project built on the success of the have-a-go sessions held last year. A series of workshops were organised to make the swifts. The initial workshop was held in June at the Community Centre with members of the Youth Club making the first swifts. The 59th snd 60th swifts were made this week by Freddie and Sam Moreton, whose grandfather Andrew Lawson has done so much to bring swifts back to Charlbury.

The idea behind the scheme is to promote greater participation in the arts in Charlbury, particularly to encourage more younger people to engage in the arts. The project is being supported by an established local mosaic artist, Becky Paton, who has created a number of community mosaics in Oxfordshire.

Generous grants from the Charlbury Beer Festival and West Oxfordshire District Council have enabled materials to be purchased and members of the Art Society have freely given their time to support the workshops.

Patricia Freeman, who led the project, said "It has been wonderful to see so many people try something new and to share their pride in each swift. It was amazing to see them up on the wall yesterday and to look at them shining in the sun this morning."

There will be a talk by Oxfordshire's swifts expert Chris Mason on Tuesday 4th December. This event will also raise money for the next phase of the project. See events page.

Ann Lloyd · Wed 14 Nov 2018, 14:22 · Link

New Monday yoga classes at Charlbury Community Centre.

With the Wednesday evening yoga session becoming increasingly popular, I'll be adding a Monday evening yoga session to the timetable. This session will be starting from Monday 19th November 6-7pm. The class is will comprise of asana (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation and is suitable for all. The cost is £10 per class as a drop in, or a six class pass can be purchased for £48 (class passes must be used up within 8 weeks of the purchase date).
I look forward to seeing you!

Phil Evans · Mon 12 Nov 2018, 12:01 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Linden Cottage Dyers Hill Charlbury
    Discharge of condition 5 of planning permission 18/02440/LBC (Section detail) of planning permission 18/02440/LBC
    WODC reference: 18/03267/CND - Wed 07 Nov 2018 - Under consideration

Mon 12 Nov 2018, 08:00 · Link


The news of the signing of the Armistice was received in Charlbury about 11.30 that morning, being telephoned from London by Mr A F Whinney to Mrs Whinney, who very soon let the glad tidings be known. Flags and decorations began to make their appearance from the houses and business premises, a flag was also hoisted on the church tower, the bells were rung, and the children were given a holiday from school. The general feeling was one of thankfulness rather than of merry-making, and this spirit was reflected in the large attendance at the thanksgiving service held in the Parish Church in the evening.

Janet Jeffs · Sat 10 Nov 2018, 17:04 · Link

Charlbury Bacon hits London

Today the Curiosities Company has started selling its bacon in the first #plasticfree supermarket in the UK. At Budgens in Belsize Park. Its very exciting to be leading the way with this.

Great article from the Daily Telegraph here:

Simon Himmens-Warrick · Thu 8 Nov 2018, 10:42 · Link

Charlbury Refugee Action Group urgent appeal

Charlbury Refugee Action Group (CRAG) has received an urgent appeal from the people who distribute clothing and food to refugees arriving on the Greek island of Lesvos. This is our biggest collection to date.

611 people arrived on the Greek islands by boat in the last week alone.
Statistics for October show that 114 boats arrived on the islands in total, half of them on Lesvos, with 19,601 people 'stuck' and awaiting transfer to the mainland.

Minors account for anything up to half the occupants of each boat.

Total arrivals so far in 2018 are up 17.4% on last year. Most people arrive with no more than the clothes they stand up, often soaked in salty water.

This is where we come in with CRAG's biggest collection appeal so far.

Attika Human Support is an NGO on Lesvos that provides up to 6,000 people a month with clothing, bedding and hygiene products. Help Refugees have checked them out, and here at CRAG we are contributing to a container of aid Help Refugees are shipping out there later this month.

Here's the list of what we are collecting.

Adult clothing
Joggers, jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, coats

Kids clothing
Joggers, jeans, t-shirts

Adults and kids
Socks, hats, gloves, scarves
Trainers and boots (sizes 35-45)
No wellies, please

Personal hygiene
Toothbrushes, shower gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, men's shaving cream, sanitary towels, baby wipes, loo paper

Food (in TINS, ring pull only please)
Tomatoes, chickpeas, beans (not baked beans). Please be aware that multiple packs of one tin are better than an assortment

• Please don't bring anything not on this list
• Bag or box your donations with clear labelling
• Please don't include clothes that are not in a condition you would wear yourself

Simply email for delivery and collection arrangements. We are very happy to collect from you. Alternatively, please bring any of the above items to the Quaker Meeting House in Market Street on Friday 16 between 6 and 8pm, or Saturday 17 between 9.30 and 12noon.

Thank you from Charlbury Refugee Action Group

Jon Carpenter · Wed 7 Nov 2018, 13:20 · Link

Record attendance at Tea Concert

Last Sunday Charlbury Refugee Action Group beat its own record for audience figures when about 140 people came to hear the 'Fretwork' consort of viols give a captivating recital in aid of refugees in the Memorial Hall. As a result, about £1555 is going to the charity Help Refugees to support their work across Europe. (The photo shows volunteers cooking hot meals for refugees in Calais and Dunkirk.)

The musicians who play at these concerts do not charge a fee, and we are extremely grateful for their generosity and goodwill. Thank you too to all the people who manage these concerts, including putting chairs and tables out, baking cakes and washing up hundreds of cups and saucers!

CRAG has also been able to send just under £300 for aid work in refugee camps in Lebanon, after a Da'weh it held in Witney to bring together the refugee families now living there with some of the people from Witney and Charlbury who continue to do so much to help them. About 80 people shared food, music, poetry and conversation.

Jon Carpenter · Mon 5 Nov 2018, 11:41 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Albright House Church Street Charlbury
    Discharge of conditions 5 (Window and door details) 6 (Roof covering) of planning permission 17/03957/HHD
    WODC reference: 18/03174/CND - Wed 31 Oct 2018 - Under consideration
  • Albright House Church Street Charlbury
    Discharge of conditions 5 (Window and door details) 6 (Roof covering) of planning permission 17/03958/LBC
    WODC reference: 18/03180/CND - Wed 31 Oct 2018 - Under consideration
  • Mill House Dyers Hill Charlbury
    Discharge of conditions 3 and 4, with conditions 1 and 2 noted (17/00725/HHD).
    WODC reference: 18/03163/CND - Mon 29 Oct 2018 - Under consideration

Mon 5 Nov 2018, 08:00 · Link

Have your say, crime prevention morning

On the Monday the 5th of November at 10-12 in the Community Centre. Your local Neighbourhood Police Team are inviting you to come and join us for coffee and catch up.

We are offering crime prevention advice against scammers, information on how to protect you home and out buildings.

We have:
Card reader protectors for £1
Alarm padlocks £10
Shed alarms £12
Property marking kits £3

and lots of other little bits such as:
door chains
no cold calling door stickers
is my home safe check sheet.

Pop by between 10-12 on the 5th.

Wesley Smith · Sun 4 Nov 2018, 09:09 · Link

Internationally recognised ensemble to play Charlbury

The Viol Consort "Fretwork" will give a recital in aid of Charlbury Refugee Action Group in the Memorial Hall on Sunday afternoon at 1500 hrs. This is a really great opportunity to experience an internationally renowned chamber group at close quarters. The ticket-price (£12) includes tea and home-baked cakes served after the concert. Come and enjoy!

Nick Parker · Fri 2 Nov 2018, 15:47 · Link

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