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Cornerstone - fresh produce and card reader

We have lots of fresh produce in Cornerstone from today and flowers from the Isles of Scilly. Do come in and get some and please take for anyone you know who is staying at home or in a difficult situation.

We now have a card reader so you are able to donate by card!

If you need food help or advice please do come in and see us or give us a call. 

Cornerstone team

07510 772764

Jo Paton · Wed 3 Mar, 11:56 · Link

Charlbury Artroom

Charlbury Art Society is exploring the possibility of developing a shared space for creativity in the centre of the town.

Are you looking for art space or have always wanted space to meet up with like-minded individuals to be creative? 

Do you need space at weekends to be creative or space to work on a collaborative project? 

There is an exciting opportunity to have an art space in the centre of Charlbury to be used by anyone who needs creative space, physically or mentally outside the home space. 

There is a wide variety of potential users of the space as it would enable up to four art spaces Monday to Sunday throughout the year. 

Maybe a group would like the space to work together regularly, maybe you want to escape the kitchen table or even those tasks that always seem more important than creative endeavours, maybe you just want the discipline of going somewhere regularly to work on your art practice, maybe you want space as a family or group to collectively work on some art or maybe you would like to share use of a space with a friend. 

For whatever reason, are you interested or know someone who would be? 

What will it cost? 

The cost would be dependant on how many artists want to regularly use the space and how it is managed. For example if it was used for six days by four artists each day it would be around £100 per year to use the room for one day a week (£2 per day per week). Or it could run with a membership fee, dependent on numbers, but say 28 members @ £80 per year (£7 per month). 

Whilst it would be under the umbrella of Charlbury Arts it would run as an independent co-operative of users, so it is not just open to current Art Society members. 

This is a great opportunity to fill Charlbury with creativity. 

Before there can be further discussions we need to know if you are interested. If you would like to know more about how you could become involved please contact Tony Lloyd:, Jane Crane: or Patricia Freeman:

Tony Lloyd · Tue 2 Mar, 20:22 · Link

Career Mentoring for 16-18 year olds

Given the many challenges and uncertainties created over the past year, Charlbuy Community Centre has set up a young person’s career mentoring programme. One of the most important and valuable things in life is having advice from those around us. If you ask successful people later in life about the ‘secret’ of their success, they will not point to a single event, but they will often point to a single person who took the time to talk to them and provide them with advice, support and encouragement when they most needed it.

We have a number of trained mentors who can provide advice and guidance to young people, between the ages of 16 and 18, who may be asking themselves some of the most important questions about their future studies and careers. A mentor will offer up to three 1-hour video conference sessions to discuss career choices and provide advice. If you are interested and would like to be connected with a mentor, please contact Daniela at

Charlbury Community Centre · Mon 1 Mar, 10:28 · Link

The History of Charlbury through ... the Civil War

The Civil War which lasted from 1642-49 was a divisive and destructive period which split towns, communities and families. People, towns and villages were caught up in it whether they wanted it or not, and Oxfordshire was no exception. It was strategically placed on main routes from London to the midlands and the west, and between Royalist strongholds in the north and west and Parliamentarian areas to the south and east. The first major battle of the war took place at Edgehill north of Banbury and following the battle King Charles set up his court in Oxford and made it his capital, putting the country firmly in the frontline of military action.

While we do not have any reports of skirmishes in Charlbury, the remains of a Civil War battery still exist in Cornbury Park which at that time was owned by the Henry Danvers, Earl of Danby, until his death in 1644. (See map for the location of the battery). Earth banks form three sides of a rectangle with a gap or embrasure to allow for the firing of cannon up and down the Evenlode valley. It was probably constructed in early 1643 as part of the outlying defences of Oxford: there were similar batteries at Woodstock and Bletchingdon.

The people of Charlbury would have shared in the disruption caused by competing armies requisitioning food, by pillaging and raiding by both sides, and heavy taxation to pay for the war. There are gaps in the Charlbury parish registers during the war years implying that normal life was disrupted and it seems that the traditional four-day August fair did not happen. Farming suffered too and Cornbury Park was said to be overrun with rabbits so that the deer suffered from lack of grazing. The influx of soldiers and overcrowding in towns brought disease. It is estimated that 100,000 died of disease in the war years, more than were killed in the fighting.

Large houses were frequently targeted and in April 1646 Woodstock Manor was attacked. It was said that the cannon firing at it could be heard in Oxford, so it was probably audible in Charlbury too. By this time Cornbury had passed into Parliamentary hands and Cromwell’s son-in-law General Ireton stayed there in 1646.

Thursday 4th March: Charlbury Society Zoom talk  7.45 for 8pm

Soldiers, Saints & Sinners: Oxfordshire Characters from the English Civil War

A talk by Stephen Barker

A Zoom link will be sent to members. For more information, contact the Secretary

Judy Dod · Fri 26 Feb, 21:17 · Link

Wildlife Explorer Trail - booking now live!

I'm excited to announce that booking for Rediscover Nature's first official Wildlife Explorer Trail is now live!

This trail is in the outskirts of Charlbury and will be available from 06/03/2021 and removed on 17/03/2021.

Please only book on if you are local to Charlbury and follow all COVID rules and guidelines - let's help each other stay safe!

Many thanks - Katherine Holmes

Katherine Holmes · Fri 26 Feb, 15:10 · Link

Charlbury Children’s Bike Rally an Outstanding Success

Report on Charlbury’s Ride and Stride, 12 September 2020

Like everything else the sponsored Ride and Stride round Oxfordshire’s churches was much affected by the pandemic in 2020. Beforehand there were doubts that it could happen at all. Nobody could be allowed into the churches. So our faithful welcomers could not be there to offer biscuits and encouragement to flagging StRiders, and there was less incentive for Charlbury’s StRiders to take part because of social distancing and nearly all churches having just a sign-in sheet by the door.

But it did all happen, the weather was wonderful, and county-wide it raised almost as much money as 2019 for Oxfordshire’s churches and the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust.

And in Charlbury our children’s rally was an outstanding success. It was again raising money for Charlbury School and OHCT and was again organised jointly by them and the Windrush Bike Project. This time, however, it climaxed on the school playing field with a mass picnic, a bike gymkhana and an opportunity to try out e-bikes sponsored by the Town Council’s Environment Working Group. The children had to set off one at a time rather than in a mass start, but one surprised visitor that morning reported that the whole town was humming, and the happy scene on the school playing field carried on well into the afternoon.

This was all reflected in very respectable financial results: St Mary's raised £360, All Saints Shorthampton £260, St Teresa's (RC) £40, the Methodists £65, the Quakers £50 – and the Charlbury School Association a magnificent £1184 much of it through online sponsorship.

This year we hope that there will be fewer restrictions and that we can repeat the events on the school playing field. We also hope to have an extended route as a challenge for older children with mountain bikes. This will take them out to Shorthampton Church and back via Walcot.

The Ride and Stride and the Children’s Rally is on Saturday 11 September. Put it in your diaries now!

Basil Eastwood · Fri 26 Feb, 11:50 · Link

Deli Shareholder meeting moved to March

A few weeks ago, we suggested a shareholder meeting for late February. We thought we'd need finance for a plan we were discussing with our landlord to acquire the freehold to the shop.

That's all been overtaken by events:

• If we need more finance, we'll probably need a new Constitution

• So we'll need the 2020 accounts

• Our accountants simply haven't had time yet to produce a final version of the 2020 accounts

• But the first draft shows a serious profit for 2020 and no debt

• Except for our Bounceback, which 2-3 years' profit would pay off if we didn't want to keep this cheap (2.5%) working capital

So we'll now have a meeting around Easter. By then we'll:

- Have definitive accounts for 2020 and a number of alternative projections for 2021

- Know more about what we can agree with our landlord, what kind of financing we might need and how we might raise it

- Will have explored alternative dates so we can come back in the next week or so with a definite meeting date.

Meanwhile, we're really sorry we can only let you in one at a time. 

And thanks for spending so much more than last year that acquiring the shop may well be a realistic proposition

Michael Flanagan · Fri 26 Feb, 09:09 · Link

Nominations Sought for 2021 Charlbury Honoured Citizen Awards

The town council is now seeking nominations for members of the community to receive an Honoured Citizen Award during 2021. An Honoured Citizen Award is a tribute to a current or former Charlbury resident who has given dedicated voluntary service within the town, probably over many years, and as a consequence has made a significant positive difference to the Community and to the lives of residents. Serving members and employees of the town council are not eligible for the award and may not propose or second nominations.

Nomination forms and rules for the awards are available from the town clerk (email or call 01608 810608 on weekdays during normal office hours).

Nominations for the 2021 awards must be received by the town clerk by 5pm on the 31st March 2021.

Due to Covid restrictions, the 2020 awards were presented individually by town council chairman, Richard Fairhurst and you can see a report and photos in the Spring 2021 edition of the Charlbury Chronicle.

Peter Kenrick · Wed 24 Feb, 10:57 · Link

Latest Gigaclear closure dates

Roads will be closed for Gigaclear works according to this schedule:

Tue 23 Feb, 10:37 · Link

Latest News from Charlbury Medical Centre

Charlbury Medical Centre’s Latest News

An extract from the website:

20 February 2021

“Charlbury Surgery will be focused on inviting our “at risk” patients in Cohort 6 to visit one of our GP led vaccination sites either at Charlbury Football Club for the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine or Carterton Health Centre for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Unfortunately, we are unable to invite our 65-69-year-old patients who are not “at risk” as they have been asked by the government to book appointments at the larger sites. 

Over the coming weeks we will continue to offer numerous vaccine clinics, we ask that you please be patient and wait for your invitation and not call the surgery to enquire about it. 

Appointments at Charlbury Medical Centre will obviously be limited on days that we are running vaccine clinics. We request that you continue to bear with us.

We thank all of our patients who are so very kindly helping us through these challenging times and for all your messages of support and for all your patience at this time.”

Vaccination Form

When you have received your invitation from the medical centre, you will need to complete the first two sections of the clinical record form. The clinical record form is available to print out as a PDF from the medical centre website, or to collect from the tent at the medical centre.

Please ensure you print both pages, double-sided if possible.

Please remember to bring it with you.

Thank you

 Charlbury Patient Participation Group

susan smith · Mon 22 Feb, 14:59 · Link

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