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Re-live Street Fair

If you enjoyed Street Fair this year, or even if you couldn't be there, you can re-live some of the highlights online thanks to some excellent coverage posted by Cotswold TV ( ) and Witney TV
( ), both featuring our very own special guest Layla Claridge who did such a wonderful job for us on the day. Thanks again Layla.

On behalf of the Street Fair team I would like to thank everyone who supported the event in any way and helped to make the weekend so successful and enjoyable.

I am pleased to report that, with our Quiz Night still to come on Friday 1st November, we are on course to make a similar contribution to Corner House & War Memorial Hall funds at the end of this year to the amount that we raised last year.

Peter Kenrick
Street Fair Chairman

Peter Kenrick · Sun 29 Sep 2013, 17:57 · Link

Cancellation of The Fire Fighters Charity car Wash

It is with regret that we are having to cancel the annual Charity car Wash that was being held at the Fire Station this Saturday (28th Sep)

This is due to crew shortages,and we hope that we will be able to carry on this event again next year.

Our apologies to those of you who will now be driving around in dirty vehicles....

The On Call Fire fighters of Charlbury.

Darren Taylor · Fri 27 Sep 2013, 15:31 · Link

Street Fair 10k and 5k results

Here are the results for this year's run - click the names for a PDF:

David Hawtin's gallery shows the participants.

Congratulations to all those who took part.

Richard Fairhurst · Sun 22 Sep 2013, 13:43 · Link

Police warning over bank card courier scam

Thames Valley residents are advised to be on their guard to a new type of scam which is becoming prevalent across London and is now spreading to other areas.
The courier fraud scam often targets the elderly and vulnerable and takes the following steps:
1.The victim receives an unsolicited telephone call from fraudsters saying they are from their bank (or in some cases claiming to be the police), stating that their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on their card or that their card is due to expire and needs to be replaced.
2.The person may be asked to ring the bank back using the phone number printed on the back of their bank card. This helps to convince the person that the call is genuine. However, the fraudster has kept the telephone line open so even though the person has called the bank, the call does not go through. Instead they are unknowingly connected straight back to the fraudster.
3.The fraudster then gains the person's trust by pretending to be from the bank and seeming to offer assistance. In many cases the person is asked to provide their full bank card details and key in their PIN so that their existing card can be cancelled and their new one activated or authorised. The fraudster will then explain that the bank will need to collect the card.
4.The fraudster will then attend the person's address or send an innocent courier company driver to collect the card and sometimes provide them with a replacement card which is subsequently found to be fake.
5.Therefore, the fraudster has obtained the person's name, address, full bank details, the card itself and the PIN. The bank cards are then used fraudulently without the victim's knowledge.
There are a number of variations to the scam, including: •Fraudsters pretending to be from the police cold calling members of the public and telling them that their bank account has been compromised by criminals. The fraudster suggests that the person should transfer their bank balance into a 'safe' police bank account.
•Fraudsters pretending to be from the police attending people's addresses and retrieving the person's card and PIN.
•Members of the public receiving letters on bank headed paper informing them that their account has been the subject of a fraud. The letter advises them to transfer their funds to a 'safe' account and that an official will be in contact to provide them with a new card and PIN.
•Fraudsters contacting members of the public requesting them to cut their cards in half because their account has been compromised. They are then asked to post the cut card to an address where fraudsters simply tape the card together again and can use the details to commit fraud.
Between May and August, Thames Valley Police has received 17 reports of fraud of this type, all in the central Milton Keynes area.
Police advice is that if you receive such a call, end it immediately. If you have elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours, let them know about the scam.
Please be aware that: •Your bank will never attend your home
•Your bank and/or the police will never collect your bank card
•Your bank and/or the police will never ask for your PIN
If you receive this type of call, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or via their website. In an emergency, dial 999.

Valou Pakenham-Walsh · Wed 18 Sep 2013, 10:44 · Link

Street Fair Classic Cars

Calling all Classic Car Owners in Charlbury and surrounding villages - this is a late reminder to say that we still have a few spaces left if you would like to show you car off next Saturday at Street Fair.
Please email or phone John Munro on 07775 553242

John Munro · Fri 13 Sep 2013, 07:17 · Link

Latest bookshop news

Here's more news on the future of the bookshop...

(1) Of course, anyone who so wishes is completely free to come up with their own ideas for the premises in Market Street and approach the landlord.

(2) My experience suggests that a bookshop as a business is viable only if run in conjunction with a second desk/computer/internet-based business run from these premises. It is almost certainly not possible to earn a living from a bookshop if it is the only business based here, though I could be proved wrong.

(3) No one so far has told me that they wish to continue running a bookshop more or less in its present form. Anyone who so wishes will have my full cooperation if they need it. But they do not need my permission!

(4) I do not think there is any useful purpose at this stage in having a public meeting to discuss something as vague as 'the future of the bookshop'.

(5) But I do think it would be useful to enable those people, probably relatively few in number (if indeed any at all!), who are interested in developing a voluntary or co-operative bookshop or similar, possibly though not necessarily at these premises, to discuss how they might take such an initiative forward. My involvement would be primarily in enabling the meeting of such people to take place, and to offer any useful practical advice on the running of a bookshop.

So to facilitate (5), I have booked the Morris Room at the Corner House for 8pm on Friday September 27. I look forward to meeting any interested people there.

To clarify once more: this is a *practical* meeting for anyone who wants to meet other people with a view to discussing and planning practical ways of keeping a bookshop open in the town. If the outcome is positive, a working group (or an individual) will develop a business plan or similar proposal and seek wider community support in the future.

And also to reiterate: this does not have to be a co-operative or voluntary venture. It may be appropriate for an individual to run a private business or businesses here, just as I have done for the last 13 years and more.

Jon 819117

Jon Carpenter · Tue 10 Sep 2013, 11:52 · Link

Student Grants

If you are under 25, live in Charlbury and have a guaranteed place for a University, College, or vocational course or apprenticeship you may apply to the Charlbury Exhibition Foundation for a grant. Please write to CEF c/o Liz Gupta, Cotswold Cottage, Thames Street, Charlbury, OX7 3QL or email by 1st October giving your age, schools attended, details of the course and University / College name. Those attending courses sponsored by Charlbury Youth Organisations may also apply.

Tue 3 Sep 2013, 13:22 · Link

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