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Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • The Grange Woodstock Road Charlbury
    The erection of six detached houses with garages and parking spaces, the construction of two driveways and the construction of a new access.
    WODC reference: 17/01893/FUL - Thu 15 Jun 2017 - Under consideration
  • Elmstead Crawborough Charlbury
    Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission 16/01318/FUL to allow changes to the access from Plot 2 on to the highway.
    WODC reference: 17/01875/S73 - Wed 14 Jun 2017 - Under consideration
  • Oldner Stables Charlbury Road
    Alterations and erection of two storey extension.
    WODC reference: 17/01847/HHD - Mon 26 Jun 2017 - Under consideration

Wed 28 Jun 2017, 20:04 · Link

Charlbury Street Fair Stalls

Bookings are now being taken for stalls at Charlbury Street Fair. There are different types of bookings: charity (50-50 spilt of takings, commercial (£50 pitch fee), leaflet/information stall (non selling only, £10). Please note commercial pitches require public liability insurance. Please email if you would like more information or a booking form. We give priority to local businesses and there is limited space, so do get in early! Katie Russell.

Katie Ewer · Wed 28 Jun 2017, 13:40 · Link

Charlbury Community Centre on track to be a low energy building

Southill Community Energy has been working with the Gifford Trust and its contractor, Beard, to try and ensure that the new building will have very low energy bills. Beard has reported that the results of its airtightness test carried out today = 1.43 m3/hr.m2. Reducing air leakage in buildings is essential and Beard's commitment to this means that the building meets the Passivhaus low energy standard. Congratulations to all concerned.

Liz Reason · Tue 27 Jun 2017, 15:21 · Link

Town Council Planning Meeting - change of time

Please note that the Town Council Planning Meeting this evening (Monday 26th June) will start at 8pm and not 7:30pm as originally stated. This is because the proposed update by Tom Pierpoint of GWR on possible extension to the station car park has been postponed until the July planning meeting to be held on Monday 24th July.

Peter Kenrick · Mon 26 Jun 2017, 13:10 · Link

Wastewatchers at the Charlbury Beer Festival

One of the less well-known aspects of the Charlbury Beer Festival is how little waste it generates. Thanks to Christine Elliott and her hard-working team, everything discarded on the day of the festival is sorted for recycling, with only unrecyclable items such as crisp packets, cigarette ends and nappies going to landfill. Last weekend, up to 4000 people came and went (including our previous MP and our current one - see the 'Tweets' section of for a clip of our current MP playing Aunt Sally) - leaving just two small orange bags of unrecyclable waste.

Edward Fenton · Mon 26 Jun 2017, 12:43 · Link

Culture tent at the CBF: full programme announced

The programme for the Culture tent at the 2017 Charlbury Beer Festival, which takes place this coming Saturday 24 June, is now online at

Please note that, contrary to what was said in the June issue of the Charlbury Chronicle, radio announcer Kathy Clugston cannot unfortunately make it this year after all, due to work commitments - but there are plenty of highlights to make up for this. Come and discover how Charles I's life was almost spared by the Parliamentarians on the eve of his execution - and why J.K. Rowling was following an age-old tradition when she ascribed magical powers to the willow tree in the Harry Potter books.

Edward Fenton · Mon 19 Jun 2017, 15:32 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

Mon 19 Jun 2017, 08:00 · Link


All the work made during the festival is being placed in the Morris Room, in The Corner House. Do come along and have a look. Whilst there, make sure you do not miss the Sculpture Trail with 50 pieces of sculpture in and around the Corner House and the Memorial Hall. Also just across the street in the Rose and Crown there are hundreds of books on display for you to browse through, written by forty of Charlbury's writers

In the Morris Room the steamroller prints look splendid as do all the Raku fired pots made by students at Chipping Norton School. See examples of the work produced in the workshops that have taken place during the festival. Also there is another chance to see the perfect miniature model of the Ann Downer room that Brian Catling's head inhabited for an hour last Sunday.

Ann Lloyd · Thu 15 Jun 2017, 15:56 · Link

A fantastic HEADline !

We are delighted with the support from Tim Hughes at the Oxford Mail for writing this great article in today's paper on the FESTAL FAVOURS programme and especially pleased to see him focus on the mentoring of young artists which is an important part of what we do at AYYO and which is showcased so well by the fantastic ARC audio visual installation by Neil C Smith and William H Harvey in the Corner House, open every day until Sunday 12 - 6.
Neil and Will are holding two workshops this week-end to talk about how they made the installation and to give people a chance to try their equipment.
It is great to see a trail for the wonderful performance art that is coming to Charlbury this week-end too.

All events are listed on the events page here or on

Clare Carswell
01608 811997
07769 723328

Clare Carswell · Thu 15 Jun 2017, 13:33 · Link

Extraordinary performance in the Corner House

An eager audience queued around the block to get in to see a new perfomance work by artist Brian Catling RA on Sunday 11th June in the Corner House.

Called "Don't Count the Fingers", it was made especially for the Festal Favours programme of installation and performance art, curated by Clare Carswell for the Charlbury Festival.

Catling had made an exact model replica of the Anne Downer room that he was performing in. He had a grim faced suited assistant who ushered in the audience in small groups or on their own and lifted the lid on the model to reveal his head looking back at them for a few moments before shutting the lid. The audience were stunned and amazed by what they experienced and several queued to go in more than once to see it.

Some remarks from viewers were
"That is incredible, I can see why he is an RA ! "
"We have never seen anything like this in Charlbury, thank you so much" "It is fantastic to see something so different happening in Charlbury"

The model that Brian made for his performance is now on display in the Morris Room of the Corner House.

Photo Credit : Stu Allsopp

Brian Catling a Royal Academician, will be the first ever artist to make performance art for the RA Summer Show this year and his appearance in Charlbury is his last before his performances in the Royal Academy.

On Saturday evening a BBC 2 programme on the RA Summer Show included an interview with Brian about performance art. You can still watch that on i Player.

Brian Catling is one of thirteen artists making up an exciting programme of installation and performance art called Festal Favours, curated for the Charlbury Festival by Clare Carswell.

You can read more about Clare and her curation at and you can read about all the artists on the Festal Favours programme at

Clare Carswell
01608 811997

Clare Carswell · Tue 13 Jun 2017, 19:57 · Link

The Sun Shone for Open Gardens

A successful day was had by all at the Open Gardens event on Sunday afternoon in aid of the Street Fair which raised a massive £2280.59! Here is a link to photos:

Tue 13 Jun 2017, 13:13 · Link

Overflow Parking on the Playing Close - Wednesday, 14th June

On Wednesday 14th June the Playing Close will be opened for overflow parking for walkers only, taking part in the 'Pilgrim Journeys' walk led by Sally Welch or the Cotswold Wardens' walk. Parking on the Playing Close is only permitted in exceptional circumstances and will not be repeated once the Community Centre construction is completed. Posted on behalf of The Thomas Gifford Trust.

daniela jenkins · Mon 12 Jun 2017, 14:07 · Link

Hixet Wood development plan scaled down

Vanderbilt Homes have revised their planning application for the bottom of Hixet Wood. The application now proposes eight homes instead of ten, with the stated intention of retaining views over open space from the road.

You can see the application here: (click 'Documents' for the newly uploaded plans).

Richard Fairhurst · Mon 12 Jun 2017, 10:41 · Link

Performance art comes to Charlbury !

If you have ever wondered what performance art is then this weekend and next there are plenty of opportunities to find out as performance art comes to Charlbury.

The FESTAL FAVOURS programme of performance art, audio visual installation and experimental printmaking is curated by Clare Carswell for the CHARLBURY FESTIVAL hosted by the Charlbury Art Society, Sun 10th - Sun 18th June.

The performances start on SATURDAY 10th June at the CORNER HOUSE between 1 - 3 when artist CALLY TRENCH invites you to play her Interactive Board Games and then PHILIP LEE will perform outside The BELL HOTEL at 6pm.

On Sunday 11th June HOLLY SLINGSBY is making a processional work around the town starting at the Co-op at 2pm. AARON WILLIAMSON will appear on the PLAYING CLOSE at 4 and then at 5pm in the CORNER HOUSE, BRIAN CATLING RA will perform a new work made especially for Charlbury. Come between 5 and 7pm to make sure you get in to experience what will be a unique artwork made especially for that building.

You can watch Brian Catling speak on performance art in the BBC DOCUMENTARY on the RA Summer Show tonight, SATURDAY 10th June on BBC 2 at 7pm. This will be Brian's last performance before he performs for the RA Summer Show.

Meanwhile artist ISABEL WILKINSON is artist in residence at the SOUTHILL SOLAR community owned solar farm and will run a printmaking workshop in the conservatory at the PRIORY on Sunday 11th between 10 - 12.

Artists NEIL C SMITH and WILLIAM H HARVEY have made an audio visual installation called ARC for the Larcum Kendal room in the Corner House. It is open every day during the festival 12 - 6.

There will be more performances next week-end too. You can read more about all the installation and performance art events on the blog and by checking the events page on the Charlbury town website.

Clare Carswell · Sat 10 Jun 2017, 12:03 · Link

Many congratulations to Robert Courts for winning the Witney Parliamentary constituency Vote

Witney Parliamentary constituency

Conservatives Robert Courts Votes 33,839
55% share of votes with a majority of 21,241

Labour Laetisia Carter Votes 12,598
20.7% share of votes

Liberal Democrats Liz Leffman Votes 12,457
20.4% share of votes

Green Party Claire Lasko Votes 1,053
1.7% share of votes

UKIP Alexander Craig Votes 980
1.6% share of the votes

turnout 73.6%

Fri 9 Jun 2017, 17:19 · Link

Charlbury Neighbourhood Plan - potential development sites

A Neighbourhood Plan is being produced by the Charlbury Neighbourhood Form, a group of volunteers, with the support of the Town Council.

This Plan, when adopted, will be a legal document forming part of the framework used to determine whether planning applications should be approved or not. It therefore provides an important opportunity for the community to influence future development within the town.

An important objective is to secure greater control over the type, mix, tenure and location of housing in the town, in order to meet local needs. To do this we need to consider including sites for development within the Plan rather than relying solely on applications from potential developers. As you may have seen in the Chronicle and local press, we have therefore issued an invitation to landowners to let us know of land they wish to put forward for consideration in the Neighbourhood Plan, whether for residential or other uses.

We are holding an open session on Saturday 10 June, 10 - 12 in the Corner House, to give residents the opportunity to learn more and to comment on the criteria by which sites will be assessed. The final Neighbourhood Plan will need to be supported by the town in a referendum, so we are keen to have involvement and comments from as many people as possible. There will also be opportunities to comment on any sites selected later on in the process.

Claire Wilding · Thu 8 Jun 2017, 21:59 · Link

The Charlbury Festival gets off to a flying start.

The gale force winds have taken their toll on the festival flags. Several have come off their poles but once the winds have finally subsided on Friday we will replace and secure them.
The 120 flags were made entirely in Charlbury. The first team cut the flag material to size the second screen printed them by hand in three colours. The third team stitched the seams and a pocket on the top for the pole and finally the fourth team put them into the Christmas tree holders.

We are very disappointed that whilst the black and grey printing ink has remained colourfast, the same cannot be said of the purple. This should not have happened.

When Catherine Goyder first suggested the idea the festival team enthusiastically took on the challenge. We have all enjoyed working on this project to produce the flags on a very limited budget.

If anybody has a couple of hours to spare to help us on Friday morning please call Tony Lloyd on 810525. If you find a stray flag please could you leave in the entrance to The Corner House.

Tony Lloyd · Tue 6 Jun 2017, 21:34 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Woody Lane House Woody Lane Charlbury
    Non compliance with condition 2 of planning permission 16/04167/FUL to allow changes to access.
    WODC reference: 17/01666/S73 - Thu 01 Jun 2017 - Under consideration

Mon 5 Jun 2017, 08:00 · Link

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