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Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

Mon 31 May 2021, 06:15 · Link

Christian Aid Week - thank you

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to Christian Aid and to Cornerstone for receiving your envelopes. We collected £1577.55 and with Gift Aid added, the total was £1875.28. This is a great result in a difficult year for everyone and we are pleased to have been able to do a little towards helping people in other parts of the world who are struggling with multiple problems.

Rosalind Scott - Secretary to Churches Together in Charlbury

Rosalind Scott · Sat 29 May 2021, 11:03 · Link

The History of Charlbury through ... the life of Larcum Kendall

Judy Dod for Charlbury Museum

A blue plaque in Market Street marks Larcum Kendall’s links with Charlbury. But who was he and how was he connected to Captain Cook and the mutiny of the Bounty?

Born into a Quaker family in 1719, Larcum may have got his interest in clockmaking from Thomas Gilkes, who began making clocks in Charlbury about 1725. Aged 16, Larcum was apprenticed to John Jefferys, a distinguished watchmaker in London, and spent seven years learning his trade before setting up his own London business in 1742.

In an age of great sea exploration, sailors needed an accurate way of calculating their position at sea. They calculated their latitude by measuring the angle of the sun or looking at the stars but had no reliable way of measuring longitude. As a result ships often made long detours, running out of food and suffering disastrous shipwrecks.

In 1714 the Government set up the Board of Longitude, offering £20,000 (worth over £1 million today) to whoever could make an accurate timepiece to help sailors calculate their longitude. Clockmaker John Harrison eventually made a clock (H4) that met their strict criteria over several sea trials. But Harrison had to prove it was not a ‘one-off’ and could be replicated. For this task, the Board chose Larcum Kendall.

He completed his copy (K1) in January 1770. It passed its first tests with flying colours and was sent with Captain Cook on his second voyage to the South Pacific. Cook was away three years. His ship the Resolution was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle, then headed for New Zealand, exploring Pacific islands including Tahiti, returning to England via Cape Horn. Cook reported: “Mr Kendall’s watch has exceeded the expectations of its most zealous advocate, and has been our faithful guide through all the vicissitudes of climates.” During the 30 years it was in use, K1 kept accurate time in all climates, travelling several times round the world.

Kendall made two simplified versions which had their own adventures. In 1787 one went on the Bounty with Lieutenant Bligh to the South Pacific. After the crew mutinied, it was taken to Pitcairn Island by the mutineers, then bought in 1808 by an American whaler. Stolen and surfacing in Chile, it was sold to a Spanish muleteer for three doubloons. Eventually in 1840 it was purchased by the Royal Navy. His other replica, K3, went on Captain Cook’s last voyage aboard the Discovery, and later went to Newfoundland, with Captain Vancouver along the Pacific coast of North America, to Australia and China.

Larcum Kendall died in London in 1790. Though little is known of his life, he made a major contribution to the safety of sailors. Two of his chronometers can be seen at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Judy Dod · Fri 28 May 2021, 20:00 · Link

Network Rail Cotswold Line works 29 May - 4 June (Moreton-Worcester services affected)

Just a quick reminder that Network Rail improvement work on the North Cotswold line starts tomorrow (29th May) and continues until Friday 4th June. Buses will replace trains throughout the works.

The National Rail site says: ‘Engineering work is taking place between Ashchurch for Tewkesbury and Worcester Foregate Street, closing all lines.

Great Western Railway:

Buses will replace trains between:

Great Malvern and Gloucester.

Worcester Foregate Street and Moreton-in-Marsh.’

For more information please visit the dedicated Network Rail site.

Gareth Epps · Fri 28 May 2021, 17:05 · Link

Music starting this Friday at the Cricket Club

This weekend, now set fair with sunshine, sees the youth night expanded to also host music between 6.30-8.30. We are delighted to announce that D'Accord will be playing Jazz, French and Eastern European numbers. The bar will be open from 5.30pm at the start of "All Stars" training, so launch your weekend with a real community event. Copper Pot will also be selling their full menu.  We will update the bands playing each week through the events section of this website.

Paul D Jenkins · Wed 26 May 2021, 13:11 · Link

CRAG is seeking donations of clothing, tents etc. for refugees in the Calais area

Charlbury Refugee Action Group (CRAG) is seeking donations again. 

The following items are very much needed to help refugees sheltering in the neighbourhood of Calais. Any donations in the following categories will be most gratefully received.

Please take them to Alice, at White Hart, Market Street, Charlbury (phone 01608 238274; email by Sunday 13 June.

They will be delivered to France by the charity Care4Calais.


Vicky Buser · Mon 24 May 2021, 08:40 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

Mon 24 May 2021, 06:15 · Link

The History of Charlbury through - candles and lamps

Ann Lovett for Charlbury Museum

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live without electricity? As it gets dark of an evening we just flick the switch to turn on the lights, but lighting our homes hasn’t always been so easy.

In the museum is a medieval cresset lamp. It is a stone with hollows created in it which are filled with fat or oil. Floating wicks are added which can be lit as required. They were often used in religious houses. Interestingly the one in the museum was discovered in a wall between two houses in Hixet Wood.

Candles were the main form of lighting up to the 19C, along with light from the fire, and there were different grades of candle. Rush lights were made by repeatedly coating a rush in hot fat, building up the layers. This could be lit at the top or the bottom…hence the phrase 'burning the candle at both ends' .

Tallow candles were made of animal fat, preferably cow or sheep. These candles would be brown in colour and smelt, not very pleasantly, when lit. The wick would need frequent trimming. Beeswax candles were much better quality, gave a clearer light, smelt better, but were more expensive.

Later oil or paraffin lamps came into use. There are examples of these in the museum. Their flame had a glass protective cover.

Looking at the inventories we have for Charlbury pre 1858 , many listed candlesticks. These were usually brass or pewter, though 2 innholders had 7 and 8 tin candlesticks respectively. A few inventories had snuffers listed too. For instant, John Lewes , weaver, who died 1611 had 2 pewter candlesticks, whilst John Freeman 1829 had 3 candlesticks and 2 snuffers. The first lamps listed were those belonging to the Reverend Silver who died in 1854. He had a lamp and chain, a large street lamp and a hall lamp and chain.

Candles could be bought in the shops. There is a 1685 inventory for Alexander Aldworth which lists In the Shop Candles and Tallow 1l 10s.

We use candles and lamps today, and they give a soft light and lovely ambiance but when they were the main light source as in the past, it must have been hard to work indoors, especially in the darker winter months. The risk of fires with the open flames must have been high. The use of candles and lamps continued well into the 20thC, as even with the advent of electricity, many houses just had electric lighting downstairs. Mary Leech came to live in Charlbury after World War II and rented rooms on Dyers Hill where she remembers oil lamps were used.

The story of lighting will be continued in future postings.

Judy Dod · Fri 21 May 2021, 19:50 · Link

Wychwood Forest Fair to take place Sunday 22 August

The Wychwood Project is excited to announce that this year's Forest Fair will take place on Sunday 22 August at Foxburrow Wood, Witney from 11am–5pm.

With heaps of entertainment including rural crafts, ferret racing, falconry, food stalls and more, the fair is a fun way to enjoy a summer Sunday while supporting the Wychwood Project, a local conservation charity dedicated to restoring habitats across the historic Wychwood Forest area—which today comprises most of West Oxfordshire including Charlbury. 

To keep things safe this year’s Fair will be largely open-air and use more space than previous years. Advanced bookings are encouraged to help monitor numbers: tickets purchased in advance cost £8, while tickets on the door cost £10. Under-16s can enter for free.

The Wychwood Project would welcome donations of second-hand books in good condition for the Fair’s thriving second-hand bookstall, or offers to volunteer for a few hours at the Fair. Please email or call the Wychwood Project’s office on 07584 262437.

A historic event

The Wychwood Forest Fair was founded in 1796 by three Wesleyian Methodists living in Finstock as a calmer counterpart to the annual Witney Feast. More of a picnic than a fair, the original event saw locals coming together to enjoy the Wychwood Forest.

As the Fair grew in reputation and scale it started to change. The 19th century Fair operated outside parish jurisdiction, and many seized it as a chance to settle scores in skirmishes and fights. Non-locals travelling miles to visit the Fair were blamed for contributing to its increasingly riotous atmosphere.

The Forest Fair’s future became uncertain following a spate of rowdy incidents in the 1830s that led to its widespread condemnation and occasional prohibition. After the 1853 Parliamentary Act of Disafforestation placed the historic Wychwood Forest under private ownership, the Fair was banned for good.

The Wychwood Project revived the Forest Fair in 2000 to celebrate the area’s rural traditions, arts and crafts, and conservation work. Today’s family-friendly, peaceful Fair looks back to its 18th-century origins.

Join the Fair

You can book tickets for the Fair using the following link:   

Or find out more at the Wychwood Project's website: 

If you would like to apply for a stall at the Fair, please email 

Miranda Davies · Fri 21 May 2021, 13:30 · Link

Friday Fish & Chip van

The good news is that Darryl & his team are back today at the Community Centre with his repaired van.

Welcome back.

Jim Holah · Fri 21 May 2021, 11:48 · Link

Sign-up to receive news about forthcoming CRAG events (Charlbury Refugee Action Group)

CRAG raises funds to assist in the alleviation of poverty, distress, ill health and homelessness among refugees.

We are currently planning several events for the summer, so if you would like to receive occasional emails from us about our events and activities, ways you can help, and what we do with the money we raise please sign up  to our newsletter using this form

Thank you!

Vicky Buser · Fri 21 May 2021, 11:11 · Link

Liz Reason elected chair of Charlbury Town Council

At the annual meeting of Charlbury Town Council, Liz Reason was elected chair of the council and Gareth Epps was elected vice-chair. 

Congratulations to Liz and Gareth!

Richard Fairhurst · Wed 19 May 2021, 19:36 · Link

Upcoming Gigaclear works

Gigaclear have given notice of the following works dates:

(All dates subject to change.)

Richard Fairhurst · Wed 19 May 2021, 13:42 · Link

Christian Aid Week envelopes

It's not too late to bring your donation for Christian Aid to Cornerstone in the Corner House, Market St, Charlbury. The bucket to deposit your envelope will be there until Saturday 22 June. Cornerstone is open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 1 pm.

Rosalind Scott - Secretary to Churches Together in Charlbury

Rosalind Scott · Wed 19 May 2021, 11:21 · Link

Vaccination clinics

We have very recently been informed that in response to government instructions, the clinic scheduled for 9 June, has been brought forward to 26 May.

There will be two clinics in the last week of May, on the 26th and 28th when almost one thousand people will be invited for their second vaccination with the Oxford/Astra Zenica vaccine in Charlbury.

It is very important that people receive their second dose to obtain maximum protection. Letters have been posted out informing eligible people of their appointment.

We also ask that if you are using the community centre in Charlbury on vaccination mornings please park elsewhere in the car park, so that people with limited mobility and wheelchair users do not have to walk far to and from the clinic.

Thank you for your help and support.

Nikki Rycroft · Tue 18 May 2021, 15:11 · Link

WODC's proposed closure of recycling sites

West Oxfordshire District Council has sent a letter to town and parish councils on its proposed removal of ‘bring sites’ – the smaller recycling sites such as that at the Spendlove car park in Charlbury:

“West Oxfordshire District Council’s (WODC) Cabinet made a decision in November 2020 to remove the remaining community recycling centres across the district, details of these can be found on the council website here -

“Before the sites are considered for removal, it was agreed that officers would consult with the associated town or parish councils’ and the WODC Ward Members.

“Now that step 3 of the National Roadmap out of Lockdown has been triggered by the Government I intend to undertake this consultation and I would be very grateful if you could send your views to Sian Edwards ( by the 15th June.

“To assist you, I hope the following information is helpful.

A comprehensive report outlining the benefits and issues of the community recycling service is on the council website here.

“During the last year the council has, at the request of the town/parish council, removed a number of sites including the ones at Eynsham, Burford, Long Hanborough, Clanfield, and Carterton. The evidence from this is that it has successfully prevented businesses from disposing of trade waste illegally and fly-tipping of non-recyclable items. It has been positive in cleaning up the environment for residents who live in the area and visitors who are a critical part of the local economy. In addition, a number of the private recycling sites operated by supermarkets have also been removed during the last year.

“All of the recycling material that residents can currently dispose of at community recycling sites can now be disposed of in their blue bin and box which are collected fortnightly, reducing the need for them to travel to the centre. Details of this service is on the council website here -

“In areas where sites have already been decommissioned we have removed the banks, any visible signage and structures and in the case of car parks, the space provides additional free parking to further support the local/visitor economy. Our intention would be to do this if we remove the remaining sites.

“I thought it would be helpful to provide you with information should your council wish to retain the site at your own cost.

“What I can say is that in order to provide a sustainable commercial service I believe there would need to be agreement between a number parish and/or town councils. The costs of providing 8 sites would be approximately £147,000. This would enable each site to be emptied twice a week. Any maintenance and repairs to the sites would be payable in addition to this. Parish and town councils would also be required to cover the costs of removing fly-tipping at the sites. Based on previous experience this would be in the region of £72,000 annually. In my view it would be difficult to ‘police’ who uses the sites and prevent those who are not residents in your town from using the facility. You would also need to determine which town should contribute, seek their agreement, and apportion the costs to each town council who are members of any new scheme.”

Richard Fairhurst · Mon 17 May 2021, 11:05 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Markstone Browns Lane Charlbury
    Demolition of lean-to on north west elevation and construction of linked two storey extension providing gym and bedroom. Addition of two storey extension on north east elevation and dormer window to attic conversion.
    WODC reference: 21/01453/HHD - Tue 20 Apr 2021 - Under consideration
  • Old Bakery Thames Street Charlbury
    Conversion of existing outhouse into a two bedroom dwelling
    WODC reference: 21/01135/FUL - Wed 31 Mar 2021 - Under consideration
  • Bell Hotel Church Street Charlbury
    Internal alterations to refurbish and carry out repair works to include installation of damp proofing and structural repairs (retrospective) and provision of additional WC facilities and new kitchen access.
    WODC reference: 21/01082/LBC - Fri 26 Mar 2021 - Under consideration

Mon 17 May 2021, 06:15 · Link

The History of Charlbury through ... the Royal Oak, Temperance & the new Town Hall

Janet Jeffs for Charlbury Museum

In the UK in the mid 1800s, there was growing concern about the effects of excessive alcohol on family life. Charlbury with all its public houses and taverns was an obvious target for the Temperance Movement. During the 1870s, there were many concerts and lectures by the Charlbury Band of Hope, its Drum and Fife Band and the Charlbury Temperance Society. In July 1870 the subject of one lecture was John Bull’s Drink Bill for 1869 when “some interesting and ingenious calculations were given to show the enormous amount of strong drink disposed of in the United Kingdom”.

As rumours spread in Charlbury about mysterious new facilities, the Royal Oak in Church Street held a Gala Reopening in 1879 as a Temperance Hotel, Commercial and Coffee house and Public Free Reading Room. At the opening a large star was set up to illuminate the premises in the evening. All this was the gift of Arthur Albright (1811 – 1900), a businessman and benefactor from a Charlbury Quaker family. In 1881 he built a Club and Institute for at least 120 members behind the Royal Oak. Club membership for one penny per week covered use of a spacious well-warmed and lighted hall provided with papers and magazines, frequent lectures, readings, recitations, and song meetings, and Saturday Free and Easy Night, with excellent coffee-house refreshments at extremely low prices.

The Club Room became so popular that more space was needed, so in 1886 Mr Albright built a corrugated iron Town Hall and Ante-Room joined to the Club Room, to house 200 people, with access via the alley off Park Street. A variety of events followed quickly: a lecture on Pilgrim’s Progress with magic lantern slides; a Cinderella Dance; an entertainment in aid of the Club and Institute, admission 1d or 2d. The Hall was crowded. In March 1887 at a concert in aid of the Volunteer Fire Brigade a piano was provided from donations collected by Mrs Waller of Lee Place, and in 1897 the Cinematograph arrived in town.

Judy Dod · Fri 14 May 2021, 20:00 · Link

Nutmeg & Thyme take away

Sadly, Nutmeg & Thyme have decided that attempting to get the trailer in & out of Charlbury on Saturday may be a real problem.

They will not be on site on the 15th May but returning next Saturday as usual.

Jim Holah · Fri 14 May 2021, 08:38 · Link

Updated seeding works on Nine Acres Recreation Ground

One of the advantages of the rain over the last week or so, is there is enough moisture in the ground now for the grass seeding works to progress. Pitch and Paddock will be seeding Friday 14th May and after this access to the main football pitch will be restricted to allow the grass to grow. The roping off of the area will allow full access around the perimeter of Nine Acres for walks and runs as previously suggested. Please do refrain from walking across the football pitch and playing any sport while the grass is growing. Thank you

Paul D Jenkins · Thu 13 May 2021, 16:42 · Link

Friday Fish & Chip van 14th May

Sadly, Darryl & his team won't be able to serve you this Friday 14th May as his new vehicle has suffered a mechanical breakdown & is off the road.  He hopes to be back next week & I'll update this site as soon as he knows.

The Codfather will be on site on Saturday & Sunday evening as usual

Jim Holah · Thu 13 May 2021, 10:28 · Link

Photographs of shops

Some of you will have followed the earlier thread on the forum about shops which traded here in the past and which are still remembered in the names of some of the houses in the town.  We have put together a collage of photos of some of them and put them up on the museum noticeboard.  They include photos of some of the shops mentioned on the forum.  So do go and have a look if you are in town.  They are very selective and are just a few of the large number of photographs we have in the museum.  But they may spark memories in those who have lived here all their lives, and surprise those who are newer to Charlbury.

Judy Dod · Thu 13 May 2021, 09:41 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Upper Orchard Pooles Lane Charlbury
    Erection of a front porch. Conversion of attic space with the insertion of two front dormers.
    WODC reference: 21/01136/HHD - Wed 31 Mar 2021 - Under consideration
  • 1 Wychwood Paddocks Charlbury
    Two storey rear extension to dwelling and single storey rear extension providing work shop to garage.
    WODC reference: 21/01120/HHD - Tue 30 Mar 2021 - Under consideration

Mon 10 May 2021, 06:15 · Link

West Oxfordshire District Council election result

Liz Leffman has been re-elected as district councillor for the Charlbury & Finstock ward on West Oxfordshire District Council.

Full results are:

  • Liz Leffman (Liberal Democrats): 884
  • Caspar Morris (Conservative): 407
  • Liz Reason (Green): 205
  • Sue Richards (Labour): 122

WODC remains under majority Conservative control.

Richard Fairhurst · Sun 9 May 2021, 19:08 · Link

Oxfordshire County Council election result

Charlbury’s seat on Oxfordshire County Council (the Charlbury & Wychwoods division) has been held by Liz Leffman for the Liberal Democrats. The turnout was 49.02%. Vote tallies were:

  • Liz Leffman (Liberal Democrats): 1900
  • Jenny Evanson (Conservative): 1490
  • Sue Richards (Labour): 328
  • Frances Mortimer (Green): 299

Overall, Oxfordshire County Council is now No Overall Control with the LibDems and Conservatives tied on 21 seats each, Labour on 15, and Green 3. Previously the council had been run by the Conservatives supported by a small number of independents.

Congratulations to Liz and thank you to everyone who stood.

Richard Fairhurst · Sun 9 May 2021, 11:40 · Link

Charlbury Town Council election results

The following candidates have been elected (with number of votes cast):

  • Tim Crisp 693
  • Liz Reason 682
  • Peter Kenrick 647
  • Janet Burroughs 644
  • Claire Wilding 644
  • Nick Potter 616
  • Tony Merry 582
  • James Styring 553
  • Frances Mortimer 528
  • Dan Raymond-Barker 494
  • Gareth Epps 475
  • Gary Harrison 463

These candidates were unsuccessful:

  • Emily Algar 430
  • Phil Morgan 380
  • Lucy Crane-Lupton 395
  • Graham Terry 383
  • Vince Hill 364
  • Robin Puttick 95

Congratulations to all the successful candidates and thank you to all those who stood.

Richard Fairhurst · Sat 8 May 2021, 15:37 · Link

Trains cancelled (updated)

GWR have discovered a fault with their Intercity Express trains which has caused the entire fleet to be temporarily withdrawn. 

As a result, very few trains are expected to be running from Charlbury today (Saturday) and for the next few days.

Other trains are running between Oxford and Reading, and Oxford and London Marylebone. 

Richard Fairhurst · Sat 8 May 2021, 08:42 · Link

The History of Charlbury through ... a 17th century mercer's shop

Judy Dod for Charlbury Museum

Recent reminiscences on the forum about shops which once thrived in Charlbury brought to mind a shop which served the town and surrounding villages in the early 1600s. It was owned by Thomas Harris, mercer, who died in 1632 and was buried in the churchyard here. He died without making a will and an inventory had to be made of the goods in his house and shop. This was undertaken by two of his friends, Thomas Woodward and Brocke Witny. They were extremely conscientious in carrying out their duties, producing a detailed inventory which gives a fascinating picture of the goods he sold.

Mercers began as merchants selling silks but many had become general dealers in cloth, household articles and grocery items. Thomas stocked a wide range of different cloths – some familiar such as calico, sackcloth and canvas, others less so like fustian (heavy, cotton cloth suitable for menswear) and sleazy holland (a thin, flimsy fabric). Then there were the ribbons, trimmings and haberdashery items needed for making clothes. He stocked buckram and lace, many types of thread of different colours, Coventry thread for embroidery, garters and buttons, and ‘hooks & eyes for briches’. Also stockings and bodices.

The inventory lists household items such as brushes, candles, glasses and jugs, soap, tobacco pipes, and beer mugs (‘blacke pots’). He stocked food too but only dry goods that would not perish such as salt and sugar, currants and prunes, and a dazzling array of different spices including saffron, cinnamon, and cloves. Then there are what to us are more surprising items, goods which today would need licences - a considerable amount of gunpowder and some shot, as well as arsenic and aqua vitae or strong liquor. His whole stock was calculated to be worth £109 14s 10 ¾ d*

The range of goods indicates that he obtained goods from many sources. The final account submitted by his wife, appointed to administer the estate, shows he owed considerable sums to suppliers in London as well as locally. His biggest debt was to Mr Edmund Hiorne of Woodstock (£53). Nor could his widow collect all the money owed to him. So despite his seeming wealth, all his goods and stock in trade were already pledged to pay off his creditors. Sadly we don’t know for sure where his shop was, but nearly 400 years ago it must have drawn many customers into the town.

* They made a mistake adding it up: the total is actually £109 15s 10 ¾ d

See“A Charlbury Mercer’s Shop, 1632” by D.G.Vaisey. Oxoniensia Vol.31 1966.  Read a transcription of the full inventory at:

Judy Dod · Fri 7 May 2021, 21:01 · Link

Plant Swap Postponed

As the weather looks so wet tomorrow, the Garden Society Plant Swap will now take place on the Playing Close on 15th May between 10 and 12.

Alison Derham · Fri 7 May 2021, 16:33 · Link

CMC Vaccine clinics: advance notice

The next clinic is on the 11 th May at Carterton for second Pfizer doses for Group 6 , and you will be notified if you are eligible.

Dependant on vaccine delivery, the anticipated AZ clinics at Charlbury Sports centre for those due their second dose will be as follows, but we emphasise, these dates are provisional.

May 19th  for those previously vaccinated on Feb 22 nd 

May 28th  for those previously vaccinated on 8th and 12th March

June 9th for those previously vaccinated on 18th and 24th  March

The volunteer team do appreciate your understanding about the parking in the Spendlove on clinic mornings,  and ask you to respect the requests to park elsewhere if people less able to walk or in wheelchairs need to park near the Sports Centre/ Community Centre

Please note that for the younger age groups notified that they are eligible, Chipping Norton Health Centre may have limited slots available as they are now part of the National Booking System  (NBS) . Some Oxford Pharmacies are also apparently part of the scheme. 

Nikki Rycroft · Fri 7 May 2021, 12:06 · Link

Sound artist captures the dawn at Wigwell Nature Reserve

Sound artist Richard Bentley has recorded the magical sounds of dawn at Wigwell Nature Reserve to mark Dawn Chorus Day 2021, in collaboration with the Wychwood Project. 

Rising at 3am on 2nd May to record the dawn from Wigwell's brook, Richard's 38-minute track provides a beautifully relaxing immersion in the waking world. 

Richard wasn't the only one at Wigwell in the early hours of Sunday 2nd May. "I was accompanied by a rather large and very curious badger, who sauntered across the bridge to see what I was up to - my closest encounter to date," he recounted. 

To listen to Richard's recordings, visit:

Wigwell Nature Reserve is managed by the Wychwood Project with the help of the voluntary local Wigwell Friends group. In summer the site becomes a wildflower meadow with nationally rare species including Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis). If you'd like to help manage this beautiful nature reserve, email Peter at for more information.

Miranda Davies · Fri 7 May 2021, 10:52 · Link

Local elections: don't forget to vote!

Thursday is election day!

The polling station is in the Memorial Hall on Browns Lane, open from 7am to 10pm. You do not need your poll card to be able to vote.

Elections are for:

  • Charlbury’s county council seat (the Charlbury & Wychwoods division)
  • one of Charlbury’s two district council seats (the Charlbury & Finstock ward)
  • all 12 seats on Charlbury Town Council
  • and a Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley

You can read statements from all the local candidates on our dedicated page.

The count will take place on Sunday morning for the county council, Sunday afternoon for the district and town councils.

Richard Fairhurst · Wed 5 May 2021, 20:17 · Link

Final Reminder for National Trust Zoom Supper

To ensure a meal at the Zoom Supper with special guest, Christian Walker from the National Trust, who will share photographs and tales of their properties in the area on Saturday, 8th May at 7.30pm,  please email Dine Glasgow at by latest Tuesday, 4th May 6pm. Tickets are £12 per person and all proceeds go towards St Mary's Church and its community initiatives.

daniela jenkins · Mon 3 May 2021, 18:46 · Link

Latest planning applications to West Oxfordshire District Council

The following planning applications have recently been lodged. Click on the address to see full details at the WODC website.

  • Tooleys Charlbury Road Spelsbury
    Alterations to internal layout of house, formation of new external openings, removal of chimney stack and replacement windows.
    WODC reference: 21/01010/LBC - Mon 22 Mar 2021 - Under consideration
  • Tooleys Charlbury Road Spelsbury
    Alterations to internal layout of house, formation of new external openings, removal of chimney stack and replacement windows.
    WODC reference: 21/01009/HHD - Mon 22 Mar 2021 - Under consideration
  • 1 Graces Court The Slade Charlbury
    Variation of condition 14 of planning permission 17/00832/FUL to allow first floor bedroom window in West elevation (bedroom 1) to have clear glazing.
    WODC reference: 21/00782/S73 - Mon 26 Apr 2021 - Under consideration

Mon 3 May 2021, 06:16 · Link

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