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Are you under 25, living in Charlbury, with a place at university or college or an apprenticeship?

If so, you may be eligible for a grant from the Charlbury Exhibition Foundation:

(Even if you have received a grant in a previous year, you may qualify for another, so do apply again.)

Apply by 1 October 2020 to:

Please include the following details:

-        Name and date of birth;

-        Home address in Charlbury;

-        Schools you have attended;

-        For students:

o  The name of the university or college,

o  The title and level of your course (for example, BA Hons in European History),

o  The year of study (for example, first year, second year, …);

-        For apprentices:

o  The name of your employer,

o  The type of apprenticeship and level;

-          Outline information on the costs involved in the course or apprenticeship.

William Robinson · Thu 20 Aug 2020, 12:05 · Link

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