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The Charlbury Festival gets off to a flying start.

The gale force winds have taken their toll on the festival flags. Several have come off their poles but once the winds have finally subsided on Friday we will replace and secure them.
The 120 flags were made entirely in Charlbury. The first team cut the flag material to size the second screen printed them by hand in three colours. The third team stitched the seams and a pocket on the top for the pole and finally the fourth team put them into the Christmas tree holders.

We are very disappointed that whilst the black and grey printing ink has remained colourfast, the same cannot be said of the purple. This should not have happened.

When Catherine Goyder first suggested the idea the festival team enthusiastically took on the challenge. We have all enjoyed working on this project to produce the flags on a very limited budget.

If anybody has a couple of hours to spare to help us on Friday morning please call Tony Lloyd on 810525. If you find a stray flag please could you leave in the entrance to The Corner House.

Tony Lloyd · Tue 6 Jun 2017, 21:34 · Link

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