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December train times published

The Cotswold Line timetable from December onwards has been published by First Great Western. Early drafts caused a number of concerns that the new times would be less convenient for Charlbury commuters, but the final version appears less offensive.

Full details are here (click on the "revised timetable split by route" link, then select Worcester/Hereford), but in summary:

Trains to Oxford and London

Leave Charlbury at 6.20am, 6.45am, 7.27am, 7.48am (Oxford only), 8.31am, 9.20am, 11.18am, 12.20pm, 2.18pm, 3.18pm, 5.15pm, 6.09pm, 7.16pm, 8.56pm (Oxford only), 9.46pm, 11.28pm.

Trains from Oxford and London

  • London 6.03am, Oxford 6.59am, Charlbury 7.16am (to Worcester)
  • London 7.52am, Oxford 8.48am, Charlbury 9.05am (to Worcester)
  • London 8.52am, Oxford 9.48am, Charlbury 10.05am (to Worcester)
  • London 9.52am, Oxford 10.48am, Charlbury 11.05am (to Hereford)
  • London 10.52am, Oxford 11.48am, Charlbury 12.05pm (to Worcester)
  • London 11.52am, Oxford 12.48pm, Charlbury 1.05pm (to Hereford)
  • London 1.52pm, Oxford 2.47pm, Charlbury 3.04pm (to Great Malvern)
  • London 3.52pm, Oxford 4.48pm, Charlbury 5.02pm (to Worcester)
  • Oxford 5.27pm, Charlbury 5.49pm (to Great Malvern)
  • London 5.22pm, Oxford 6.21pm, Charlbury 6.35pm (to Hereford)
  • London 5.52pm, Oxford 6.46pm, Charlbury 7.03pm (to Worcester)
  • London 6.22pm, Oxford 7.25pm, Charlbury 7.40pm (to Hereford)
  • London 7.22pm, Oxford 8.19pm, Charlbury 8.36pm (to Great Malvern)
  • London 8.22pm, Oxford 9.19pm, Charlbury 9.36pm (to Great Malvern)
  • London 9.48pm, Oxford 10.51pm (10.45pm Fridays), Charlbury 11.08pm (to Worcester)

Perhaps the most significant change is that the evening stopper from Oxford has been moved back to 5.27pm - the initial proposals would have seen it leaving at 5.08pm.

Richard Fairhurst · Fri 28 Jul 2006, 15:01 · Link

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