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Further to last month’s posting on our website,


Cornbury Park Estate, home of Lord and Lady Rotherwick, has announced its intention to continue hosting a summer music festival in the stunning setting of Cornbury Park, near Charlbury, Oxfordshire

The new festival, which will see new backers and management pick up where the previous festival organizers left off, will continue the tradition of being an eclectic family friendly event, with fabulous food and a strong local connection.

New backing will put the festival on a secure financial footing, with levels of investment to promote the event more widely and attract major headline acts.

Lady Rotherwick, says, "We're lucky to have been closely involved with the Cornbury Festival in its wonderful first 7 years. We're delighted that the special setting of Cornbury Park has won a place in the hearts of many festival goers who have returned year after year to camp by the lakes and enjoy the music and unique atmosphere. Going forward, I feel strongly that the new festival should keep its local connections. Fundraising for the local schools through the Charlbury tea tent and the pig roast are as important as ever. "

our license application has now been submitted.

This has caused a great deal of confusion locally and we want to make clear that the only reason for a premises license rather than a festival specific license application is that WODC asked us to do it this way. It is NOT our intention to increase the number of events held at Cornbury.

The running of the festival, which will be called "Wilderness", will pass to the Mama Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of HMV, who have a wealth of experience in running such events.

Dean James, CEO of the MAMA Group, said "If there was a premier league of British festival sites, Cornbury would sit right at the top. We're delighted to be working with Lord and Lady Rotherwick on the festival and we hope to deliver a great show that develops for many years to come."

Tim Harvey, one of the festival organisers, said "We're hoping that the festival will become a real hub for Oxford's creative community and a genuine platform for all types of artisans and community arts organisations."

Lady Rotherwick said "Robin and I are looking forward to working with MAMA and, as in previous years, we are confident that the event will engage with the local community to raise money for both the pre-school and the primary school. To date a significant amount of money has been raised for both schools via the pig roast and the tea tent respectively."

Contact details for the organisers will be available from mid-December onwards via the Cornbury Park website.

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