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Cornbury Festival leaves Cornbury

Hugh Phillimore, organiser of the Cornbury Festival, has announced that the festival will be moving away from the Cornbury Park which gives it its name. He writes:

"For reasons too boring to go into we're excited to tell you that our beloved little Cornbury Festival is moving to a new site about 10 minutes down the road. After 7 lovely years at Cornbury Park the time has come for us to head to pastures new. Our new site is more beautiful, deeper in the countryside and we think an even better place to produce Cornbury.

"There may be other reasons connected to resisting a corporate takeover but obviously we couldn't possibly comment - suffice to say we've worked long and hard for 8 years to create what we think is a truly unique event and I'm afraid we're mad enough to want to protect its independence. As usual we're planning to go on sale with an earlybird ticket offer in December when we'll be revealing our new location."

Thu 30 Sep 2010, 10:16 · Link

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