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A handful of changes to the website.

There's a new way of contacting the site admins if you need help (for example, with a community or directory page). Follow the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the page. Unlike the old e-mail address, this link will send a message to all of the site admin volunteers.

The forum has returned and is now hosted at Forum postings aren't displayed on the front page as standard, but you can choose to turn them on. You may need to log out and in again before you can post to the forum.

A few people have generously offered help with running the forum, and the offers are much appreciated - I'll hopefully be in touch in the near future.

Please remember that the forum is not for one-to-one discussion. If you want to contact an admin about the forum, please do so using the new link, not by posting your request in open thread. Please don't try and publicly bounce us into closing a thread (or whatever) - it's not fair on volunteers. Thanks.

And the lovely new pic at the top of the page is courtesy of Dave Murphy!

Richard Fairhurst · Sun 11 Apr 2010, 00:36 · Link

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