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Firewalking for Girl Guides

On 15 March, Jody and Angela, two Very Brave Parents of two of our Girl Guides, are walking BAREFOOT over 20 feet of fire to raise funds for the Charlbury Girl Guides unit. Please donate to help us blaze a trail to success!

You may know Jody and Angela from around town - both are super lovely ladies and contribute a lot to Charlbury being a fabulous place. They've gone one step further here (pun intended) and are participating in a SIX-METRE walk over burning coals. 

They're doing this for a few reasons: 1) They're a bit mad; 2) They need a hobby; 3) They're very, very brave; and 4) They're helping to raise money for the Charlbury Girl Guides!

If you would like to support their madness/fundraising efforts, please click on our link here to donate!

Girl Guides is open to all girls between the ages of 10 and 14, and there's so much to do and learn! Any donation you make here (whether large or small) will go directly to our unit to help us fund all these activities, and more, for our Girl Guides!

We'll also be at the Farmer's Market this coming Saturday collecting donations there, too!

Thank you for supporting Charlbury Girl Guides!

michele marietta · Mon 4 Mar, 11:08 · Link

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