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Hedgefund babies🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔

We have had 6 little ones arriving at the hegspital this week, including a nest of 4 from Chipping Norton and 2 babies from Taston that need hand/ bottle feeding. We are in urgent need of some specialist food, an electric heat pad and plastic cage (to make an incubator)  this will

Cost approx 75£. If you would like to contribute the babes would be very grateful. We currently have 11 clients at the Hedgefund who are likely to be with us through winter. They are too small or ill to hibernate safely. Donations can be made via Charlbury Wildlife  31-91-92 act nos 77328260 refs HF.

Or items can be bought form our Amazon list

Thanks for your continued support, and for all those who have brought HH in. Look out for little ones this season as they will need help to survive winter. Contact us here with any concerns. Taston twins and chippy quads pics. 

Hedge Fund · Mon 30 Oct 2023, 10:31 · Link

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