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Dog mess and dogs on leads at Nine Acres

Message from:

Charlbury Town Council

Nine Acres Management Committee

Charlbury Community Centre

Charlbury Football and Sports Club

Charlbury Town Youth Football Club

Nine Acres Recreation Ground = sports pitches and a children’s playground.

It is NOT a dog bin.

Enough is enough! Dog fouling at Nine Acres MUST stop now.

Patrols are being organised by the above organisations and all dog fouling will be reported to the District Council.

If you want to report offenders yourself, please use this link:

Dog fouling

Dog fouling is when a person permits a dog in their charge to foul in a public place and fails to clean it away immediately after. Failure to clear up dog fouling on public land is classed as a criminal offence and anyone found failing in their duty can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £50. Failure to pay this fine, results in you being taken to court and paying up to £1000.

A public place refers to land to which the public has access to within built up areas of the district, such as roads, gutters, footpaths, verges, pedestrian areas, parks, school playing fields, sports grounds, and cemeteries.

Dog waste is a problem because:

• Dog faeces carry many germs that can cause illness and in extreme cases could result in blindness

• It is offensive to smell and to look at, and is extremely unpleasant to step in

Any fouling in a public place should be quickly removed using a suitable plastic bag and dispose of the dog waste in one of the dual-purpose litter and dog waste bins around the area.

Dogs on leads

Dogs MUST remain on leads on Nine Acres Recreation Ground

This byelaw will also now be enforced by the patrols. Dogs should not be let loose at any time and on any part of Nine Acres Recreation Ground.

Unfortunately, if this regulation is not adhered to, then the next step will be to ban dogs on Nine Acres. What a shame for the dog owners who obey!!

Lisa Wilkinson · Tue 24 Oct 2023, 09:28 · Link

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