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Charlbury Exhibition Foundation

The Charlbury Exhibition Foundation (CEF) is a local charity to promote the education of young residents of Charlbury. We trace our origins back to bequests made by 2 local people in the seventeenth century. Most of our income comes from renting out our property, the Old Grammar School. 

 The Old Grammar School was built in 1837 and is a Grade II listed building. Since 1975 we have rented the building to another local charity, the Charlbury Pre-School. The objectives of CEF and Pre-School are complementary, the promotion of education for young people living in Charlbury, and this relationship allows the building to be used for the purpose originally intended by the donor. Traditionally, the rent CEF receives from the Pre-School has been used to fund grants given each autumn to local young people who are in further education at college or higher education at university or who are on apprenticeships. 

 CEF now urgently needs to improve the energy efficiency of the building, which has been little altered since it was built. The immediate priorities are to insulate the loft to modern standards and to install secondary glazing on the windows. These measures will be an active response to the climate-change challenge and will also be of lasting benefit to the Pre-School in improving the conditions in which the children are taught and in reducing the environmental impact and energy costs. 

 We have provisionally estimated the initial budget for these measures to be in the region of £20,000. Following a review of our financial position, and bearing in mind our overall responsibilities, we will need to look for outside funding to assist in this work. 

 In the circumstances, CEF has decided with great regret that it will not be able to make grants to students and apprentices this year. We will review the position again carefully next year. 

 Janet Burroughs, Chair of the Trustees, Charlbury Exhibition Foundation 


Janet Burroughs · Mon 29 Aug 2022, 11:18 · Link

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