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Mill Field Meadow Restoration

A small part of the furthest field has been worked on this week to restore the floodplain meadow flowers that would have been there historically. A small number of volunteers from the Land and Nature Group of the Town Council have been busy scything and thoroughly scarifying the area to remove the thick thatch that has built up from the frequent grass cuts. Hopefully, we've managed to expose enough bare soil for any flower seeds to be able to germinate. Yesterday a big bale of hay was delivered from Fir Farm at Lower Swell and we've spread it over the area for the seeds to drop out onto the soil. This is an experimental start to restore the natural wild flowers in the Mill Field as part of the Town Council's Nature Recovery Programme. If you want to know more, then look out for the Mill Field photo montage at the Farmers Market and Street Fair. Photos taken in June show the flowers in the meadows at Fir Farm which is the donor site for our restoration.

Christine Elliott · Fri 19 Aug 2022, 10:20 · Link

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