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Update on Grassfire at Charlbury's BBOWT Blenheim Farm Reserve

A large area of meadow grass and flowers has been burnt at the top end of the reserve by the log benches. This happened about 2.30pm last Sunday afternoon and we have to thank local residents who saw the smoke from their kitchen window and reacted quickly by calling the Fire Service. We are very grateful to the local fire crew who responded quickly and by using water back packs were able to put it out. Blenheim Farm Reserve is alongside Centenary Woodland so the consequences could have been far, far worse. If anyone knows how it might have started then please contact me through this website or phone 01608 811057. This shows what can happen so easily in the current drought conditions - there is a severe risk of wildfires from BBQs, cigarettes, discarded bottles, and bonfires. Advice from British Red Cross about wildfires.

Christine Elliott · Thu 11 Aug 2022, 14:33 · Link

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