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Electric Car Club Survey

Charlbury Town Council is exploring the possibility of setting up a car club, allowing people from in and around Charlbury to rent electric vehicles on-demand. 

The idea is to have cars parked at locations around the town which members can rent by the minute, hour or day – and at short notice. Joining a car club could mean not needing to have your own car (or perhaps, not having a second car). With a subscription to a car club you can enjoy the convenience of access to a car when you need it without the hassle of ownership and at a much lower cost. 

Did you know?• On average. it costs over £3,000 a year to run a petrol or diesel car – once you include insurance, tax, maintenance and fuel.
• A typical car loses over half of its value every 5 years!
• For many people, paying only when they actually use a car would save a lot of money – as well as being greener.
• Example cost if using electric car 4 hours a week plus 1 day per month = £1,606 per year.

Lots of towns and cities around the country have car clubs where residents can book from a range of modern cars, as and when they need them. Could this work in Charlbury too? 

We would like to find out if there’s enough interest amongst residents for a car club to be viable, and if so, what type of electric vehicle they might use, and when.

Please help us by completing our survey at by 1 March 2022. 

For residents who are not online, paper surveys will be delivered to all households in the town later this month.

Thank you.

James Styring · Mon 10 Jan, 15:09 · Link

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