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Show Your Stripes: Charlbury Quakers display climate heating banners

Charlbury Quakers will display two banners on their wall in Market Street from mid-October. Please come and look at them.

One banner shows 170 vertical coloured bars, showing the progressive heating of our planet in a single, striking image. These show clearly and vividly how global average temperatures have risen over nearly two centuries.

Each stripe represents the average temperature for a single year, relative to the average temperature over the period as a whole. Shades of blue indicate cooler than average years, while red shows years that were hotter than average.

The stark band of deep red stripes on the right-hand side of the banner shows the rapid heating of our planet in recent decades.

The other banner explains this and the goals of the COP 26 conference in November to prevent global warming spiralling out of control.

Each of us can also search our conscience and ask what does this emergency require of us?

Angela Gwatkin · Wed 27 Oct 2021, 16:52 · Link

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