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Busiest day ever on the Charlbury website

Thursday 5th August was a new all-time record for the Charlbury website in terms of site visitors.

During the day, had 2,529 site views, 14,428 individual page views, and 1,185 unique visitors – an increase of over 50% compared to the same time two years ago. (A “unique visitor” represents someone visiting the site at least once in that period, so if you visited the site five times in a day, you’d still only count as one.)

In a typical month, the site now consistently attracts 9,500 unique visitors and around 60,000 site visits, all from a town with a population of just 3,000. Although many users read the site without being logged in, over 1,100 users with verified email addresses have logged onto the site in the last six months – over a third of the population of Charlbury.

The site is made up entirely of user contributions – so thank you, as always, to everyone who contributes and makes it what it is.

Richard Fairhurst · Fri 6 Aug 2021, 12:36 · Link

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