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Cornerstone - sharing surplus food and produce

The Cornerstone, situated in the Jesse Clifford Room in the Corner House, is a community hub for everyone to share surplus food from their garden or larder. It is an expanded give and take (much like the annual apple exchange), sometimes you give something, whether food or other donation, sometimes you take something. All the items here are free for everybody (with the exception of books and games which are 50p). The Cornerstone is also a learning café for children, weekly food assistance for those who need it, and a signposting service for the Citizens Advice, but more about that another time.

Our shelves in the Cornerstone are looking a little sparse at the moment, and we would be so pleased to receive something from your gardens or larders – do you have any broad beans, squash, gooseberries, or rhubarb, for example, which survived the frost and is going spare? Do you have items in your cupboards that are within date but you know no one in your household will eat? Bring it in here and let’s get some more giving and taking going on! It is such a joy to see food being used that would otherwise be going to waste.

We look forward to seeing you, we are here Monday to Saturday, from 10am-1pm.


P.S. little plants or flowers, cut or otherwise, are also very welcome!

Cornerstone · Thu 8 Jul 2021, 14:15 · Link

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