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Reptile Survey at Wigwell Nature Reserve

For the next few months the Wychwood Project will be running a reptile survey at Wigwell Nature Reserve—and if you would like to get involved, you can. The Project is looking for local volunteers to help monitor the survey, which should take around 40 minutes. Volunteers will be given full training beforehand by the Project's expert herpetologist, Neil Clennell.

Reptiles are cold-blooded, and at this time of year want to warm up so that they can feed and mate. To prepare Wigwell for the survey the Wychwood Project has put down sheets of corrugated iron and roofing felt, which will warm up more in the sun than the ground around them. As a result, reptiles should seek refuge beneath them, making it possible to find and record them. 

The survey will run from April to June, with the sheets being checked every few days. To find out more or sign up to help, visit: Children accompanied by adults are welcome to help. 

Surveying is an important part of conservation as it enables us to understand what's living in particular areas. This in turn informs how nature reserves like Wigwell are managed, and helps conservation organisations benefit as many species as possible. 

Miranda Davies · Tue 6 Apr 2021, 14:39 · Link

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