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Many of you will have seen our Speed Information Device (or SID for short) on the new 20 mph sign just above Browns Lane. It has been displaying speeds to drivers coming down towards the Coop for the past week.

SID records a range of data in both directions and we can see that roughly 40% of vehicles coming into Town were driving over the new 20 mph limit. We had surveyed the same location a few weeks ago with a different device, which was not on show. Then the much higher figure of 70% of vehicles exceeded the limit.

So we would like to think that the helpful messages from SID have helped drivers decide to slow down!

The highest speed coming into Town was 40 mph and an astonishing 51 mph was recorded going back up the road out of Town.

Thank you for all the supportive messages we have received, especially at the Farmers' Market.

SID has already spent several weeks on duty in the Enstone Road and on The Slade recording much helpful data.

We know that these are frustrating times but please, please stick to the speed limits, not just for safety but for the avoidance of noise nuisance and for the environment.

Oxfordshire County Council has decided to set up a Speeding Taskforce Group in conjunction with the Police and others and we look forward to working with this new body.

Jim Holah · Sun 13 Dec 2020, 10:59 · Link

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