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Charlbury Patient Group Newsletter

The Patient Group’s spring newsletter is now on the CPPG page, giving more detailed information about a range of conditions other than Coronavirus which require clinical attention for both adults and children. Clinicians worry that disease is being overlooked in our efforts to protect the NHS. We must also remember to look after ourselves and those we care about.

Topics include:

Heart attack symptoms

Stroke symptoms

When should we consult the GP?

Children and babies: when to dial 999, or go to A&E

An important message for expectant mothers

Help lines: Domestic abuse helpline, mental health help line and a help line for diabetic patients in need of urgent clinical advice.

And finally, unfortunately the Blandford Fly has arrived early so we remind people of how to treat a bite at home and when to seek further advice.

Nikki Rycroft · Mon 20 Apr 2020, 19:04 · Link

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