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A message from WODC about dog waste collections

Some of you may have noticed some overflowing dog bins.  Our teams are working hard to resolve this.  It would appear that not everyone is aware of how we dispose of our various waste collections as I know some people think they are 'protecting' our landfill sites by placing their dog waste from home in dog poo bins. 

The list below indicates what happens to each waste stream where, as you will see, dog waste goes to the same place as residual waste and litter from  street bins.  So, dog waste does not have to go in dog waste bins.  If these bins are full they can be put in the street litter bins or take it home.

Food - anaerobic digester at Cassington

Residual - incinerated at Ardley, transfer station at Dix Pit.

Recycling - taken to Downs Road transfer station for delivery to processor in Birmingham

Green - for composting at Showell Farm, Chipping Norton

Litter from bins - incinerated 

Dog waste - incinerated 

We do not landfill anything collected from households or street cleansing, the only items that may be landfilled are larger items collected from fly tip.

Liz Leffman · Tue 31 Mar 2020, 10:20 · Link

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