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Train timetable changes in December

Train times are changing across the entire GWR network in December and the Cotswold Line is no exception. 

Many services will become faster, with the London–Charlbury journey reduced to 1hr03 on the fastest peak services. A later service will operate from London Paddington on all weekdays (though not the weekend). There are significant retimings during the evening, with fewer trains stopping at Reading.

The timetable will be officially published in mid-September, but provisional times are now listed on sites such as RealTimeTrains, and can be viewed by selecting dates in late December. Details could, however, still change between now and September. To summarise the proposed weekday changes:

Morning peak

Between 06.00 and 09.00, most trains to London run similarly to the current timetable, slightly retimed and generally a little faster. The 07.33 is the most improved, taking just 1hr07.

The ‘Oxfordshire Halts’ stopper, which currently leaves at 07.50 (arriving Oxford 08.10), will leave at 08.05 (arriving 08.25).

The 09.41 to Paddington is replaced by an 09.10 departure.


Trains run to Worcester roughly on the hour (many continuing to Malvern or Hereford), and to Oxford/London around 10 past the hour. Trains leave from London at 50 past the hour.

Evening peak

The late afternoon and evening are when the biggest changes are seen:

  • 15.20 and 15.50 from Paddington run as at present (slightly faster).
  • ‘Oxfordshire Halts’ train does not run from Paddington, but only from Didcot. Departs Oxford 17.23, arrives Charlbury 17.44.
  • 16.58 from Paddington, arrives 18.01, does not stop at Reading.
  • 17.34 from Paddington, arrives 18.40.
  • 17.58 from Paddington, arrives 19.05, does not stop at Reading.
  • 18.58 from Paddington, arrives 20.01, does not stop at Reading. For the first time in many years, there is no longer a train around 18.30. Retiming this train should mean that Off-Peak tickets (but not Super Off-Peak) will be valid.
  • 19.50, 20.50, 21.50 from Paddington, taking around 1hr10.
  • New 22.50 from Paddington, arrives 00.17.
  • Fridays-only 23.15 from Paddington (00.35 from Oxford) is currently expected to continue.

Worcestershire Parkway

The new two-level Worcestershire Parkway station, between Pershore and Worcester, is set to open. All Cotswold Line services will stop on the high level platform; on the low level, hourly services between Nottingham, Birmingham and Cardiff will stop. This opens up new options for journeys to South Wales, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands.

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