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Incident in early hours of Thursday morning

What happened was that at approx 1.00 a.m we were woken and could hear loud banging on our front door. l looked out of the bedroom window to see two young men in hoodies across the road near Hill Close who seemed to be laid in the grass near a small tree and could hear someone else who was banging our front door. I went to the front door and could see something lent against the front door through a glass window in the top of the door. At this point I went back upstairs and shone a torch across the road at the two men who were opposite and at this point the three of these people ran off up the Slade towards Dancers Hill. What was laid against our door was a house for sale type sign which was advertising the forthcoming Wychwood Fair.

I did not open the front door last night but removed the sign this morning. I did call 999 and informed the police but heard nothing from the police following the call. Very scary incident. If you can relay this horror story to the wider community so that they can be aware.

Thu 30 Aug 2018, 13:59 · Link

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