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Warning over clothing 'scam'

Leaflets are being distributed in Charlbury that could mislead people into thinking they're donating clothes to charity - when the clothes are actually destined for a commercial organisation.

A reader of the website (thank you!) explains further:

"My concern is that many people may believe this is a charity collection when it is not (this is stated in the small print of this leaflet but not everyone will read this). I have seen a consumer television program about similar companies before (it may have been 'Watchdog'). On the program that I saw the company that collect the clothing sell the clothing abroad for their own profit.

"I thought that maybe you could let at least some Charlbury Residents know this via the website. As I am sure many generous people will give their belongings thinking that they are benefiting a good cause, when actually they are not. At the moment their are many good causes, both locally and globally that could do with all the help/donations they can get."

Richard Fairhurst · Sun 11 Sep 2005, 17:06 · Link

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