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Bring and Take 1st October 10am to 1pm Memorial hall

Here is a chance to Bring item that you no longer need and you think some one may have a use for and can Take. (no building materials or heavy , bulky items)

This is a list of what go exchanged on the Bring & Take 9th April 2005

3 woodworking saws
1 roadside lantern
1 Pentax SLR camera
3 demi-johns
Brief case
1930’s medical device
Wellington boots
Bathroom mats
Cheese grater
Charles & Di Wedding Mug
Men’s Shoe Trees
Floor Mop
Edwardian dressing-table swing-mirror
Wine-making valves
China Bowl
Full dinner service
Knitting wool
Mini hoover
Jam kettle
3 Box files
Light Bulbs
2 Seat wedges
Overhead transparencies
Woven shopping bags
Sleeping bag
Drawing set & compass
2 wind-up garden hoses
Blood pressure testing kit
Time zone clock
Hand paper shredder
Work-top electric grill
Boxes of children’s games
Several handbags
Thermos Flaskes
CD Racks
Electric cables
Table mats
Table lamp
Outside light
Deskjet printer
Washing basket
Bathroom scales
Mug stand
Fire guard
4 large feather-filled cushions for large armchair

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