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Disabled parking spot by the Co-op

There have been repeated incidents of people WITHOUT blue badges seen parking in the dedicated parking spot outside the Co-op. When confronted by a Charlbury resident earlier this week, one gentleman in his Range Rover (begrudingly) moved his vehicle to the car park behind the Co-op.

This morning, however, an active, able, workout gear-clad (personal trainer? visiting a Charlbury resident?) parked her vehicle in the spot. When confronted by a Charlbury resident about the inappropriateness of her parking her car there, argued that she would 'only be a minute' and went ahead with her shopping.

A photo has been taken of the vehicle and the reg. If you know the owner of this vehicle, please will you have a word to let them know that there are those (residents of Charlbury!) who are in need of this spot, and that those without blue badges are legally not allowed to park in blue badge spaces. If you are unable to see the reg, the number is LM62 VKZ.

If Charlbury residents will all help to 'remind' those who park in disabled parking spots that the spots are there for those who need them, and not for saving a 30-second walk from the car park, perhaps we can dissuade this from happening with what seems to be increasing frequency.

Many thanks indeed.

michele marietta · Thu 9 Mar 2017, 09:51 · Link

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