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GWR respond to Charlbury residents' complaints

GWR, the train operating company, has provided a point-by-point response to the various concerns and complaints aired by Charlbury residents on this website's forum.

1: Unfair penalty charges at Charlbury station car park.

A number of 'fines' were cancelled as the over-stay at the car park was caused by late running services. Local taxi drivers can now register and avoid picking up parking tickets.

2: Communication of details of delayed trains to APCOA

GWR says "We continue to liaise closely with APCOA and are currently trialling the process of providing delay data to APCOA and are looking at ways to automate this to ensure it is simple and streamlined as possible. Of course given the number of stations they manage on our behalf, and the number of vehicles that use these, we want to be sure that the solution is suitable and indeed durable so these trials continue to ensure this is the case."

3: Length of 'no charge' period and poor signage.

GWR says "With regard to your concerns on signage, and the marking of the short stay area, this has been included in a project to expend the current car-park, as part of this project we will re-design and re-line the current bays to address the lack of short stay bays and the drop-off area. We have requested APCOA to add larger signs regarding the grace period and the content of the signs. The 20-minute period is consistent across our network, so I regret this is not something that we have plans to alter at this stage."

4: Lighting at the station through the the night.

GWR says "As I understand the lights are intentionally left on at the station overnight, but the Station Manager is exploring the possibility of changing this. I will of course come back to you with any update I have on this."

Further to this GWR added: "As expected the station lighting cannot be dimmed or be switched off, which is why they are on throughout the night. That said there is current a funding application for a lighting enhancement scheme which would see the existing lights replaced with LED one's which will dim when platforms are not occupied. We are hopefully this will be successful and can be actioned later this year."

GWR appears to be listening to concerns which Charlbury residents and rail users have. We wait with interest to see the implementation of the various proposed action.

Trevor Taylor

Trevor Taylor · Mon 20 Feb 2017, 10:17 · Link

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