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Could your business run Charlbury's Post Office?

You may or may not know that, according to Post Office Limited's (POL) Service Transformation policy, it will not be possible to continue the Charlbury's Post Office service contract on the current basis in 2017. Under the circumstances Elaine Newbold, our current Post Office service provider, has indicated that she wishes to terminate her POL contract w.e.f. whenever a successor is found.

POL is currently advertising the opportunity for a local retail business to take on the Post Office franchise as part of their ongoing business. To view the advert go to .

POL are looking for an existing retail business to take on the franchise and run it as an integrated part of their shop - in other words from the same counter as other retail sales, keeping the same hours, using the same staff. Their preference is for a shop that turns over £4k a week but apparently they do have procedures for smaller businesses.

The word "shop" is used but POL may also be willing to consider another type of local business, if it meets key criteria and is a way of maintaining the level of service currently on offer.

The Charlbury Community Action Plan (CCAP) group is starting to consider how to follow up the results of the town survey (which will be shared with the community by the end of the year). The CCAP group are anxious that as many local Charlbury businesses who might be interested in exploring the idea of taking on the Post Office franchise are aware that it is currently being advertised and as soon as possible find out more about what is on offer. There is a finite time during which POL will be considering how best to continue a Post Office service in Charlbury and will be offering financial and other help to a local retail business interested in taking it on.

As far as we are aware POL is committed to maintaining some kind of Post Office service in the town but, according to their current policy, if no suitable existing business comes forward to take on the franchise along the lines mentioned above, the town may end up with a part-time visiting service delivered by a neighbouring franchise.

Do, please, have a look at the Post Office Limited website advertising local franchise vacancies?"web address given above. If you think you might be interested, find out more by expressing interest via the website.

If you would like more information about the background to this notice, please email me: .

Meryl Smith
Charlbury Community Action Plan group

Tue 1 Nov 2016, 11:19 · Link

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