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Door to door sellers/ Pedlars

I've had a few calls relating to door to door sellers in Charlbury and surrounding areas.

Please see the below for more information about pedlars. Some callers may be genuine and others not. The advice I would give is not to buy at your door. Most sellers never have the correct identification cards, these door sellers tend to make their own unofficial cards.

I would also suggest a door chain. This allows you to open the door only six or seven inches and also prevents the seller looking over your shoulder to see what belongings you have in your property. It also prevents them from sticking their foot in the door and using hard sales tactics.
A number of people have said that they reluctant to install a door chain just in case people need to gain entry to their property in an emergency. Door chains are to be used when you open the door to people; you don't need to have the door chain on all the time.
To be a pedlar you must:
•trade on foot
•carry your goods with you (although case law has suggested that a small means of transporting goods may be acceptable)
•generally keep on the move, pausing to make sales.

Certificates are issued by the police in the area in which you have resided for the previous month. You must be above 17 years of age, a person of good character, and in good faith intend to trade as a pedlar.

Once issued you are entitled to trade as a pedlar in any part of the UK providing the certificate remains in force.
Certificates are not required by commercial travellers, sellers of fish, fruit, or victuals or people selling at markets or fairs.
You must produce your licence on request.

If you see the pedlars operating in the area please contact police.

Wesley Smith · Wed 10 Feb 2016, 15:17 · Link

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