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Crime alert.

Please be aware that there have been a number of thefts from vehicles in the Chipping Norton area. Once again offenders have targeted vehicles that contain power tools. Offenders have made off with thousands of pounds worth of power tools that were kept inside these vehicles. That's not including the damage they have caused breaking into the vehicles.

Vehicles that have been targeted are Citroen vans whereby offenders use a sharp implement to pop out the door lock.

VW transporter vans where the offenders have hacked through the side door to access the opening mechanism to release the door.

•Always remove tools from your vehicle where possible and keep them in a locked store.

•If you own a garage, always use it to secure your vehicle

•Always check that your vehicle has locked correctly if using a key fob, don't assume that it has locked- double check

•If you have to park your vehicle in a public place ensure that it is parked in a well lit location ideally covered by CCTV cameras

•Consider fitting an internal alarm system to your vehicle separate from the installed vehicle alarm, low cost alarms are readily available

•Fit internal security lockers or cages for your tools and use good quality padlocks to secure them
•Consider fitting additional external security locks and use good quality padlocks.

•Post-code or mark all tools using ultraviolet pens or engravers, forensic marking such as Selecta DNA or Smartwater can also be used
•Keep a record of all your tools including serial numbers and identifying marks.

Wesley Smith · Tue 2 Feb 2016, 16:50 · Link

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