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Cold callers

We have had an increase in reports of cold calling whereby people are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be the police. The cold callers then try to arrange appointments to come out to your property to assess your security.
We as the police will not phone random numbers to arrange appointments to discuss security. We will call you if you have been a victim of crime or if you have requested contact from the police or if you can assist us with an investigation.

If a police officer does call you, the officer will identify them self and which station they are calling from. If you are still unsure if the call is genuine, ask for the officer's shoulder number, hang up and then call the non emergency number 101 and quote the officer's name and shoulder number and station. The operator will then confirm who the officer is and put you through to them.

With any cold caller try not to engage in conversation and do not give away any personal details, such as your living arrangements i.e. you live alone, you're elderly or have a disability. Be polite and just say no thank you and put the phone down. Should the calls persist, contact your telephone provider or the police if you have any concerns.

Wesley Smith · Thu 14 Jan 2016, 17:45 · Link

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