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Coming soon: a new version of the Charlbury website

Believe it or not, the current incarnation of the Charlbury website is over 10 years old - the first news item on the site is from July 2005. (I first took the site on in 2002: before that, Simon Hall had run a website, and Ray Marshall founded the original before him.)

10 years is a long time on the web, and though the website is busier than ever - we hit 8,000 unique visitors in July last year, an all-time record - the code that makes the website go has become rather creaky and hard to maintain.

So, at present, I'm rewriting it all in a more up-to-date fashion that will mean we can add more features quickly and easily. At first you shouldn't notice many differences in day-to-day use, but as the months go on, there'll be new features and improved ease-of-use at a faster rate than before.

With the news that the Charlbury Chronicle is ceasing publication, the first improvements will be to the community pages - making it easier for local organisations to create their own pages, including pictures and downloads, so that local clubs and societies can still publicise their activities to the people of Charlbury.

The new version of the website will be live in a few weeks. If you have any requests for features you'd like to see, particularly in relation to the community pages, drop me a line - I can't promise everything will be done instantly or even at all, but it's good to know what people are looking for.

Thank you, as ever, to everyone who posts to the website to make it the success it is, and to the Charlbury Garden Society and ChOC who have both generously donated to offset the hosting and domain name costs!

Richard Fairhurst · Mon 11 Jan 2016, 19:47 · Link

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