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Town Council election - manifestos

The two candidates for the Town Council vacancy, for which an election will be held on 25th June, have each kindly submitted a manifesto.

Tom Skelton

"I have genuine enthusiasm for helping others and for using my skills and influence to make things better... don't ask me to put up a shelf or mend a leaky tap (I'm absolutely no good at that!) but if someone has a issue, an idea or a need for help in solving a problem I am here to listen and to act.

"Charlbury is a magical place to live and work. I have met and continue to meet the most wonderful people, people who live here and those who come to visit our town. I have a strong desire to improve certain things about Charlbury, namely our hostelries and shops, but not to change the uniqueness of this place, I also have a deep respect for tradition and history. So with this in mind I hope that you will vote for me to be a part of your council on the 25th June."

Tom is one of the co-founders of House & Carriage, based by the railway station.

Gordon Clemson

"Being a member of Charlbury Town Council would enable me to help protect the wonderful historic town we all live in. There are many issues, real and potential that need careful consideration to preserve the character and charm of Charlbury.

"Having been born here and attending local schools, I have great love and affection for all things Charlbury and I am anxious to ensure that the integrity and core of the town will be here for future generations to love and enjoy.

"If I am elected on 25th June you can be sure that I will serve the people and town to the best of my ability and be a good listener and activist to any problems or suggestions that are put forward to me."

Gordon is now retired, having previously been for many years a senior manager for a global company.

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