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Police Warning: Bank Card Scam

Please be aware that this scam is still continuing in the Chipping Norton area. The latest incident was in Charlbury on 05/03/14
A fraudster 'cold calls' the victim on their land line and claims to be from a bank or the police where they claim they have identified a discrepancy on one of the victim's accounts. To gain the victim's trust they will ask the victim to call them back straight away, but unknown to the victim they have not disconnected the call and when the victim dials the real number they are still connected to the fraudster. The fraudster will then ask for the victim's bank account details, PIN numbers and / or sometimes cash.
• Finally, the fraudster sends an innocent taxi driver or courier to the victim's house to collect the items. The fraudster will then use the card to withdraw cash, make purchases in stores or online. On this occasion the call was made in the early hours of the morning and the fraudster claimed to be a police constable form another area stating the victim's cards had been found in possession of a male they had arrested. The victim was asked to hang up and call the bank immediately; again the fraudster does not hang up the phone. The victim is then asked for all bank details including pin numbers however they don't ask the victim to say the pin numbers but only to type the numbers using the phone keypad. Then the cards are picked up by taxi or courier. REMEMBER your bank or the police will never ask for your pin or bank card.

Valou Pakenham-Walsh · Fri 7 Mar 2014, 06:50 · Link

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