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We are providing a pop-up SESI detergent refill station for household cleaning products at the new Makers' Monthly Market in the Memorial Hall (5-8pm) on the third Thursday of every month. We will also be at the quarterly Farmers Market on the Playing Close from 9am-1pm. We have their full range so you can buy a bottle this time and refill again another month or bring your own bottles for refilling straight away. At these events we also collect things for reuse or recycling - water filters, printer cartridges, mobile phones, spectacles, bras, batteries, light bulbs.


Browse our virtual DIY Spares warehouse - paints, ceramic tiles, nails, brackets, doorstops, stove pipe flashing, wire garden fencing, etc, etc - spare DIY stuff large or small, all available FREE locally. Browse the site to see if there is something that you need. You probably have stuff you could advertise on the site too. Email a photo, description and contact phone number to and then let us know when someone has taken it.


  • Next Bring & Take will be in March at the Memorial Hall
  • Electrical items will have to be delivered a week in advance so they can be PAT-tested beforehand.
  • Instead of bringing paint and large/heavy DIY items to the event please email details at any time to, including a photo and contact phone number, for adding to our new DIY Spares web page.
  • When you want paint etc, then have a look at our DIY Spares web page first to see what you could get for FREE here in Charlbury.


Join OLIO The Food Sharing Revolution

Currently there are loads of things listed locally, including Horlicks, Squeezy condensed milk, Truvia sweetener, Oxo cubes, kefir grains, sourdough starter, etc, etc - login and have a look.

RECENT GUARDIAN ARTICLE: Recycle the Weetabix! What I learned from a month on the app that tackles food waste We waste £13bn worth of food each year in the UK, with 71% of that being wasted at home. At the same time, use of food banks has boomed. Is Olio the answer?

Food in your cupboard you're not going to use? Upload a photo to OLIO to find someone locally who would love to use it.

Want to know more about what OLIO is all about? Article in Charlbury Chronicle March 2018 explains how we are just launching OLIO locally here in Charlbury. OLIO is available as a phone app, but can NOW BE USED ON THE WEB to make a new listing as well a view items available locally.

VIDEO: Olio on ITV News

VIDEO: How OLIO works

People are usually shocked by how much food they throw out. On average, a family with children spends £680 every year on food that ends up in the bin. Nearly half of what is thrown away is fresh fruit and vegetables. Bread, dairy produce, rice and pasta also make the top five on the most wasted food list.

Article defusing the confusion about Use By and Best Before dates in Charlbury Chronicle June 2010.



Use our website to find out more about environmental issues. Each page has relevant links to external sites, BBC radio & TV programmes, and relevant books which can be shared locally. The site is continually updated with interesting items.


New events are going on the calendar of events all the time: including interesting environmental talks, dates of local Farmers Markets. Also easy links to event listings for other environmental organisations such as Good Food Oxford, Earth Trust, Cogges, Wychwood Project, BBOWT, Oxford Natural History Museum, environmental lectures at Oxford University, and also Daily Information the comprehensive guide to what's on in Oxford.


Information about our local Countryside including:

Sites listed include several lovely fragments of ancient woodland nearby which were once part of the more extensive Wychwood Forest and which are good for bluebells in the spring like Knighton's Copse in Wychwood Forest (below).


The aim of Charlbury Green Hub is to help local people and groups find their way around environmental issues, to share their experiences and to spread Charlbury's good ideas to other communities in Oxfordshire. The website is a good starting point for you to find out more about our local countryside, food, energy, travel, and the wider implications for our planet's limited resources and climate change.


We run Bring & Takes in March and October. As Charlbury Sharecroppers we pick and redistribute apples in the autumn through the fortnightly Big Apple Take-Aways and make cider for the Beer Festival, Riverside Festival and the Wychwood Fair. We also organise things like secure paper shredding, tool sharpening, bike repairs and collecting things like bras, spectacles, batteries, water filters, printer cartridges, lightbulbs for reuse or recycling - bring them along to the Bring & Takes or to our stall at the Farmers Market. Every winter we borrow the thermal imaging camera from WODC to carry out heat loss surveys for houses in Charlbury - contact us if you want to book a free survey.

In 2013 we changed our name from Charlbury Area Waste Action Group which had started in 1997 and was one of the first members of the Oxfordshire Community Action Group network which originally concentrated on waste. But times and issues move on, and now we are one of about 60 community groups in the Oxfordshire network all taking action on climate change, including waste reduction, carbon reduction, sustainable transport, and food, energy and water issues, to live a more sustainable and less resource dependent life in our local communities. More about us

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