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Coronavirus (COVID-19): In line with current advice and guidance, full meetings of the town council are currently being held as virtual meetings and all other meetings of town council committees and working groups remain cancelled until further notice.  This includes planning meetings.  Councillor surgeries are also cancelled until further notice.  Essential day to day operations of the council between meetings are being carried out by the Town Clerk in consultation with the Chairman, Vice-chairman and other councillors as necessary.  These matters are reported at the monthly full council meetings.  You can contact the town clerk as normal by email at or by telephone on 01608 810608 during normal office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays).  Please follow government guidelines, stay safe and respect others!

Town Council elections will be held on Thursday 6th May 2021.  Councillors will be elected to serve a term of office of three years instead of the normal four due to the postponement of these elections from May 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Town Council provides a democratic forum for the community through which matters of importance to residents can be discussed and actions agreed, implemented and followed through.

Please see our website where up to the minute news, agendas and minutes can be viewed. (Last updated 18 March 2021)

For queries, please contact Roger Clarke (Town Clerk)
Contact details:; telephone 01608 810608

Useful Telephone Numbers

Thames Valley Police 999 if urgent
101 normal calls

West Oxon District Council 01993 861000 Switchboard
01993 705056 Out of hours service

Oxfordshire County Council 0845 310 11 11 Highways complaints
01865 792422 Switchboard

Charlbury Town Council 01608 810608

Councillor Surgeries - CANCELLED  until further notice

If you have any matters for consideration by the town council, please contact the town clerk as detailed above.  

Upcoming Meetings

Planning Meetings - cancelled until further notice.

Consideration of planning applications within Charlbury is continuing electronically (with a summary report to each full council meeting) to enable the town council to submit comments as a consultee to WODC.  If you have any comments that you would like councillors to note, please contact the town clerk as early as possible in the normal way. 

Full Council Virtual Meeting - Wednesday 28th April 2021 - 7:30pm

The meeting will be held electronically via Zoom (c).  Members of the public are welcome to "attend" as observers as normal - contact the Town Clerk for details.  Normal arrangements apply if you wish to speak at a virtual council meeting (see Attendance, Correspondence and Speaking at Town Council Meetings below).

The agenda will be posted a few days before the meeting

Charlbury Neighbourhood Plan 2031 - Referendum to be held on Thursday, 10th June 2021

WODC has announced that the Charlbury Neighbourhood Plan 2031 will proceed to a referendum which will be held on Thursday, 10th June 2021.

The WODC Decision Statement, the Examiner's Report and other information can be viewed on the WODC website via this link.  The revised plan will be available to view during the run-up to the referendum.  It will be available via the WODC website as above and you will be able to look at a paper copy in the Charlbury Community Centre during their opening hours from 3rd May (NOTE: paper copies cannot be taken away).

All residents within the Charlbury Parish who are included on the electoral register will be eligible to vote. Please use your vote.

If a majority vote in favour of the Charlbury Neighbourhood Plan, it will be used to inform decisions on planning applications within the Charlbury Parish.

Attendance, Correspondence and Speaking at Town Council Meetings

All council meetings are open to the public to attend as observers only.  Under normal circumstances we hold two regular meetings each month: one considering our responses to planning applications, and a full council meeting for all other matters.  Currently, in line with advice and guidance relating to the COVID-19 emergency, planning meetings are cancelled until further notice and full council meetings are being held as virtual meetings.  If you have any issues which you wish the council to consider, please contact the Town Clerk (contact details above). Correspondence addressed via the Town Clerk for the attention of councillors is routinely circulated for consideration at the appropriate meeting. Please ensure this arrives three working days before the meeting.

We are also pleased to offer Charlbury people the chance to speak at the Town Council's monthly meetings as described below. In common with other councils, the Standing Orders of the council do not allow for open participation during discussions, but a time is set aside at the start of each meeting for the public to address the council. These arrangements also apply to Virtual Meetings as follows: as a member of the public you are welcome to join a virtual meetings as an observer but you will be muted.  If you have registered to speak, the chaair will invite you to speak and "unmute" you at the appropriate time.

If you would like to speak at a council meeting:

• Please contact the Town Clerk before noon on the day of the meeting to let him know you would like to speak and to give some indication of the subject matter.

• As time is limited we ask you please to restrict addresses to the full council meeting to five minutes. If you wish to speak about a specific planning application at a planning meeting, please limit your address to 3 minutes. Thank you. If a number of people share similar views on a single topic or planning application, it would be much appreciated if they could work together and produce a combined address to the council. It would also be helpful if you could leave a copy of your address with the clerk after the meeting.

• If you plan to speak at a full council meeting, remember that the agenda for those meetings is published in advance (here and on Town Council notice boards) so that Charlbury people are informed of what will be discussed at the meeting. This means that the council cannot usually enter into discussion of any matter raised by the public at such a meeting if that matter does not appear on the published agenda. It can, of course, be considered for inclusion on the agenda at a future meeting; or may be discussed if it relates to an issue already on the agenda (e.g. as correspondence received). If you'd like a written response to any questions raised, please leave your details with the Clerk.

• A brief record will be included in the minutes of the meeting. The chairman does have the right to rule any statement as inappropriate though obviously we hope this will not be the case. Please ensure that comments are not personalised.

A full set of rules, and the council's Standing Orders, are available on request from the Town Clerk.

Mill Field Management Plan

The Mill Field Management Plan can be viewed at

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