Charlbury Town Council

The Town Council provides a democratic forum for the community through which matters of importance to residents can be discussed and actioned.

Please see our website where up-to-date news, agendas and minutes can be viewed.

For queries, please contact Lisa Wilkinson (Town Clerk)

Contact details: telephone 07311 259412

Upcoming Meetings

Planning Meetings

Consideration of planning applications relating to Charlbury takes place at a separate Planning Meeting held on the Monday preceding the full council meeting, in which case the required 3-day public notice of the meeting will be posted on town council notice boards and the town council website ( 

If you have any comments on a specific application that you would like councillors to note, you should submit these to the Town Clerk as early as possible. If you wish to address the town council in person on an application, again please inform the town clerk ahead of the meeting. If no one has requested to speak at a planning meeting the town council may merge the planning meeting into the Full Council meeting.

Attendance, Correspondence and Speaking at Town Council Meetings

All council meetings are open to the public to attend as observers only. Two regular meetings are held each month: one considering our responses to planning applications, and a full council meeting for all other matters. If you have any issues which you wish the council to consider, please contact the Town Clerk (contact details above). Correspondence addressed via the Town Clerk for the attention of councillors is routinely circulated for consideration at the appropriate meeting. Please ensure this arrives three working days before the meeting.

We are also pleased to offer Charlbury people the chance to speak at the Town Council's monthly meetings as described below. In common with other councils, the Standing Orders of the council do not allow for open participation during discussions, but a time is set aside at the start of each meeting for the public to address the council. Public time is for a maximum of ten minutes.

If you would like to speak at a council meeting:

• Please contact the Town Clerk before noon on the day of the meeting to let her know you would like to speak and to give some indication of the subject matter.

• If you wish to speak about a specific planning application at a planning meeting, please limit your address to 3 minutes. If several people share similar views on a single topic or planning application, it would be much appreciated if they could work together and produce a combined address to the council. It would also be helpful if you could leave a copy of your address with the clerk after the meeting.

• The council's Standing Orders are available on the town council website or on request from the Town Clerk.

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