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Information about the Appointments System

At the CPPG Open Morning in June 2018 one of the main issues raised was the need for a better understanding of how the Practice appointments system works. In response the CPPG has worked with the Practice to produce an information note for patients, which you can see below.

The Neighbourhood Hub, Windrush Medical Centre, Witney
What is the Hub? It is the opportunity for even better access to a doctor at weekends and in the evenings.
Patients asking for a pre-bookable GP appointment at any West Oxfordshire Locality practice may be offered an appointment at the Hub with a local GP or nurse who has access to their medical records.
The Hub is open between the hours of 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings.
This is not a walk-in centre; patients need to have the appointment made by their own surgery, with the agreement of the GP. Food for Hungry Children 2018.docx
Healthy Food for Hungry children, an article written for us by Jacqueline Wright, shared Healthy Communities Officer, WODC

Dr Helen Bayliss
Dr Helen Bayliss retired from Charlbury Medical Practice at the end of January 2019 after having looked after patients in the area for more than 30 years.
All patients who have Dr Bayliss as their named GP will be allocated a different GP and will be informed of who that is within the next 3 months.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy and some aspects of podiatry have been provided by Healthshare for the last eighteen months. Healthshare are based at the Deer Park premises in Witney. They advise that all referrals from your GP are reviewed by an appropriate member of their clinical team with 48 hours - 90% of the time. They then arrange for the next stage of your care which could be:
An appointment with a physiotherapist or podiatrist for treatment
An appointment with an expert for assessment. This might include an ultrasound, x-ray or MRI scan

A referral to another service if the problem is not something that can be treated by Healthshare.

What do you do if no one contacts you? You can call the MATT Physiotherapy and Podiatry Service on 01865 238 108 and speak to one of their advisers.

How long might this take? That depends on what you are referred for. The waiting times for different types of treatment options vary. There may be other appointments available at other locations if you are prepared to travel to another clinic for an appointment.

Further information is available at:

More about Physiotherapy Services

You can now refer yourself for physiotherapy services at

Information from Healthshare's web site:

You can refer yourself if you:

  • have already tried physiotherapy yourself
  • have a musculo skeletal condition
  • are registered with an Oxfordshire GP
  • are over 18 years old
  • are able to speak English
  • are not under the care of a hospital consultant for the same problem

You need to see your GP for a referral if you:

  • are aged between 1 and 18 years
  • are unable to speak English, or only speak limited English
  • require rehabilitation after a stroke
  • require home visits

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Ambulance Calling!  The Ambulance Service must be able to see house numbers and names clearly especially when visiting for the first time.  Not being able to see a name or number from the roadside perhaps because they are obscured by greenery could result in valuable minutes being wasted.

The Ambulance Service suggests that you check your house sign is visible from the road and makes the following recommendations:

  1. Make sure the sign is not obstructed by trees or greenery
  2. If possible, at night switch on an outside light if an ambulance has been called
  3. The house name or number should be at least 3inches in height and 4 feet from the ground
  4. If the property is more than 75 feet from the road, the house name or number should be placed on the gate post or post box no further than 25 feet from the edge of the road.
Text Messaging ServiceThe Practice is pleased to announce that from 9 July patients will receive appointment reminders via text message. Please ensure that Practice has the correct mobile phone number for you. There will also be an option to cancel the appointment if no longer needed by the "touch of a button". Missed appointments are costly in terms of time and money. Thank you for your co-operation.

What's Changing in Charlbury Medical Practice

Come to Charlbury Medical Centre to find out more on Wednesday 24 July at 6:30pm
Appointments Explained
Charlbury Medical Centre staff manage the allocation of GP appointments for each working day as follows:
1. All slots in the morning are kept free for same day appointments. Patients who have requested an appointment in advance of the day will have been given an afternoon appointment.
2. A small number of slots are allocated to patients who have been asked to attend the Surgery on that day by a GP.
3. A small number of slots are available to patients booking online that day from 8.00am.
4. A majority of slots are available to patients booking by phone, or calling in that day from 8.00am.  If the patient, or their carer works, by phone from 3.00pm on the preceding day.
Given this mix of routes to making an appointment for the same day, it is not always possible to enable all patients to see the GP of their choice.

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group is running a survey to understand the current status of the musculoskeletal ( physiotherapy and some podiatry) service. The survey closes on August 30, 2019

This survey is for people who have recently used the musculoskeletal (MSK) service in Oxfordshire as the commissioners would like to know about your experience.

MSK services provide help with pain and problems with muscles, bones and joints, including back and neck pain.

This survey relates only to the MSK services provided by Healthshare outside the main hospitals.

The provider, Healthshare, is an organisation which works within the NHS and is solely funded through NHS contracts. Healthshare has been providing community musculoskeletal services for Oxfordshire since October 2017.

To complete the survey, please go to

It is important that the people who commission services learn about your experience of using Healthshare.

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