What is Peace@thepub?

Keeping a time of silence for world peace, for justice, and for our fragile planet.

Peace@thepub is simply about local people coming together to bear in mind the very many issues that face our world, from poverty through to environmental degradation. We don't always focus on a crisis that is hitting the headlines- we also like to remember issues and places that aren't in the forefront of the news, although recently climate change has had a particular emphasis.  We like to remind ourselves too of the many very positive developments that are taking place all the time, often very quietly and without much publicity. 

The keynote of Peace@thepub is being quiet together for an hour each month. Meetings take place on the first Friday of the month at The Bell Hotel, Charlbury, between 6.00 and 7.00 p.m. There are no preconditions except a willingness to share silence, whether for a few minutes or up to an hour. For some, this silence may be meditation. For others it may be prayer. Some may just wish to be still after a busy week. Each month we have a specific "focus" of concern for those who find that helpful. Sometimes we provide an opportunity to sign petitions or campaign letters: Peace@thePub kicked off the petition to the Town Council in the summer of 2019 to declare a climate emergency.

We recognise that there may be people who are unable to be present with us, but who might wish to join in- wherever they are- by keeping silence during the time we meet: or just by thinking of us. Some folk are on our mailing list and never come to our meetings. That's great!

Peace@thepub is informal. It doesn't have members. Some people come regularly, others just occasionally. Each month an email is sent out with details of the current focus.

Do let us know who you are so that you can feel part of it all. Email or phone us- 01608 819121.

Duncan and Angela Forbes
March 2020

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