Charlbury Fire Station

I am sure that you are all aware of the existence of a fire station here in Charlbury. Some of you may have needed the services of the dedicated men and women that work there, but believe me they would much rather meet you in more pleasant circumstances. •

A big part of the work that Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service do is around prevention rather than cure. They are constantly trying to find ways of keeping you safe before any accidents happen either in the home, workplace or on the roads as part of their 365 Alive safety initiative.. •

The Fire and Rescue Service provide safety education in schools and fire safety talks for groups, help with completing Home Fire Risk Checks, educating young drivers and teenage passengers, along with mentoring schemes for young people in need of a positive role model.

In your community there is a full time firefighter based at the Fire Station during the working week. Deb Lamb has been based at Charlbury since January this year and she would like you to pop in and say hello, in return she can give you some valuable safety advice, talk about smoke alarm ownership, and if you like have a look around your community's fire engine.

Interested in becoming a firefighter?
If anyone is interested in finding out more about the rewarding and exciting opportunities a job as a retained firefighter can offer, then please call in and talk it through with Deb.

Here are a few top tips on how to stay safe:-

At home

Get a smoke alarm, fit it and test it weekly. Smoke alarms are the simplest way to alert everyone in the house to the danger of fire.

Test your smoke alarm every week by pushing the button to make it beep. Help make Oxfordshire safer by getting into the Test it Tuesday routine and encouraging family and friends to test their alarms as well.

If you need a reminder follow @OxonFireRescue on Twitter or like Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (Offical) on Facebook. Or download and print their test your smoke alarm tracker.

Working smoke alarms will warn you of a fire but you should also make a fire escape plan as it can be difficult to think in an emergency. Having and practicing an escape plan will help you and your family act quickly. Visit for tips on how to make an escape plan.

Make sure you are aware of the fire hazards which commonly exist throughout your home, how to identify them and what to do should a fire occur, by completing an on-line Home Fire Risk Check. If you would like help with your Home Fire Risk Check or have any questions or concerns, call the Freephone Community Safety Helpline on 08000 325999.

On the roads

Always wear your seatbelt and make sure passengers where theirs.

Give yourself time to react, reduce your speed!

Never use your mobile phone when driving, pull over somewhere safe before making or taking a call.

Remember the two second rule and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front - you never know when you are going to need to brake suddenly.

What is the 365 Alive initiative?

365alive is an Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service initiative which aims to promote a safer community for everyone through safety education and prevention work.

The 10 year vision was launched in October 2006 and aims to:
• save an extra 365 lives in Oxfordshire, both in the home and on the roads
• save the taxpayer a 100 million pounds
• make 840,000 people safer by providing education on fire and road safety

For further safety advice visit, take a look at the Drago pages, there's lots of great advice and activities for children.

These are some photos which were taken on a recent training exercise.

If you have a fire safety or road safety question please call the free phone community safety helpline on 08000 325 999 or email:

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