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AT THE CORNERSTONE (Mon-Sat 10am-1pm)

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If you have spare fruit ripening in your garden and you don't want it to fall off and go to waste then please phone 01608 811057 or email

Until COVID changed things we used to give the fruit away at the Big Apple Take-Aways on the Playing Close every other Sunday afternoon on the Playing Close all through the autumn.

NOW we take the fruit to the Cornerstone at the Corner House in Charlbury, so that ANYONE can pop-in to collect some FREE fruit Monday-Saturday from 10am-1pm.  A huge thank you to all the fruit tree owners who offer us their spare fruit - this amazingly successful venture wouldn't be possible without your generosity.

Plums are always first, varieties start to ripen in August. A few apple varieties are also ready in August, more in September, mostly in October, and some even November. Pears also range from September through to November. These are the varieties we are lucky enough to pick near Charlbury and are listed in the order of when they are ready - though not all varieties are available each year.

Apple varieties include:

Pear varieties include:

Plum varieties include:

In 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the Cornerstone opened up at The Corner House in Charlbury as our local community food larder. EVERYONE IS WELCOME whether to bring along spare food or to take some away. This will reduce food miles, reduce packaging and reduce food being wasted.

Do you grow lots of fruit or vegetables and have more than you can eat?

Do you ever find that you're away on holiday just when the fruit or veg need picking?

Do you ever have a glut of lettuce you can't use?

Do you have rhubarb you don't pick?

Do you ever have more soft fruit than you can deal with?

Do you have fruit trees which you can't manage to pick?

Would you be prepared to let someone pick & keep your spare produce rather than let it go to waste?

In June 2008, we launched Charlbury Sharecroppers so that locally grown food didn't go to waste and so that as many local people as possible could benefit from eating fresh, healthy food.

Phone 01608 811057 or email

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