Charlbury Sharecroppers

Plum trees wanted - don't let your spare plums go to waste - we have distributed plums to more than 40 people in Charlbury so there are definitely grateful recipients who would love them - please phone 01608 811057 or email

Apples are beginning to ripen too, so if you have more than you need or if you want to join in with picking please contact us. This year (our 7th!) the first Big Apple Take-Away will be on the Playing Close at 2.30pm on Sunday 14th September, and will be held fortnightly throughout the autumn - so do come along for lovely local fresh fruit - and it's all free. A huge thankyou to all the apple tree owners who offer us their spare fruit - this amazingly successful venture wouldn't be possible without your generousity.

Grow your own

More and more people are wanting to grow their own fruit and vegetables. This is the time to plan your garden for next year - sow your Broad Beans in November to avoid blackfly next year and plant your garlic and shallots in December for harvest in June. If you've thought of it but not yet started - the best advice is just get stuck in there and make a start - you will learn heaps from the experience and get something to eat too! Tips_on_Vegetable_Growing

Even with a tiny space or using pots you will be able to grow something sucessfully but if you would like more space then email for help in finding a site you could use. Do you know someone who might feel generous enough to let you use their garden for your veggies? Ask them if you could use it or suggest they make it available through Charlbury Sharecroppers. They would be in good company - the National Trust are making land available all over the country for people to grow more food themselves; there is also Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's national Landshare scheme. Even if you are on the waiting list for an allotment this could be your opportunity to grow stuff while you wait.

In June 2008, we launched Charlbury Sharecroppers to help put people in touch with each other so that locally grown food does not go to waste and so that as many local people as possible can be involved with growing, picking and eating fresh, healthy food. This will reduce food miles, reduce packaging and reduce food ending up in landfill. With 60% of food being imported, the Soil Association recognise that food security is a key issue for the nation and that more people need to grow their own food.

Look at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage website for why to grow vegetables and for ideas about what to grow in your vegetable garden. Also try the Seed To Plate website which helps you plan what to grow according to what you like to eat and what space you have available.

Have you got a garden that is too much for you and you'd love to find someone to make use of part of it?

Is your garden too small for growing vegetables and you'd love to find somewhere in Charlbury to grow them?

Do you grow lots of fruit or vegetables and have more than you can eat?

Do you ever find that you're away on holiday just when the fruit or veg need picking?

Do you ever have a glut of lettuce you can't use?

Do you have rhubarb you don't pick?

Do you ever have more soft fruit than you can deal with?

Do you have fruit trees which you can't manage to pick?

Would you love to help someone out by picking their fruit or veg?

Would you be prepared to let someone pick & keep your spare produce rather than let it go to waste?

Does your freezer have space that someone else could use?

Have you thought of taking your excess produce to the Good Food Shop to sell for you? Please phone Lynne 811157 to discuss first.

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