Sustainable Charlbury

Sustainable Charlbury provides a forum where the people of Charlbury can discuss how we can live more sustainably and lower carbon emissions - both as individuals and together as a town.

Latest News - What's Next for Sustainable Charlbury? Thursday 21.10.10. 8pm Cornbury Room - The Bell Inn

We are inviting our current - and new - supporters to join SusCha formally, giving members voting rights on what should be priorities for the next year.

We also aim to build on past activities to turn them into more long-term policies for the town. For example, early in the summer we worked with the Charlbury Cycling Group to have bikes fixed at the Farmer's Market and would like now to extend this into making Charlbury more cycle-friendly by encouraging the Town Council to adopt such a policy leading to some bike routes, cycle parking, etc. This will all coalesce around our affiliation to the 10:10 campaign.

We recently held a meeting with the Hook Norton Low Carbon who have offered to see if some of the £0.5m grant they received from the government in July could be used outside its immediate vicinity. We are drafting a short proposal to try and obtain funding for the school to reduce its energy consumption and install solar panels for the swimming pool.

We would use this as the basis for exploring community purchase of solar PV and hot water panels to reduce costs, perhaps using two companies recommended by Hook Norton Low Carbon.

We would also like to explore setting up a car club, installing a local wind turbine and so on. Lots of ideas and enthusiasm! These also build on SusCha/ CAWAG activities around food, waste, and so on.

Our objective is to have a suite of activities that cover many sustainability issues and start to provide a buzz around town.

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A few carbon facts

What's the average CO2 emission by each person in the UK per year?
11 tonnes

In a sustainable world, what would be your CO2 target?
1 tonne

Estimate how many tonnes of CO2 emitted by your flying return to:
Melbourne? 11 tonnes
Miami? 5.5 tonnes
Malaga? 0.7 tonnes

Producing a free range versus an intensively-reared egg requires how many calories of energy?
Free-range? 50-60
Intensive? 150

Replacing all single glazing in the UK with low emissivity double glazing could save how much energy?
Enough to heat every house in six cities the size of Birmingham, year in, year out

Do UK buildings, and in particular homes, cause more CO2 than UK cars?
Yes, twice as much as cars

Brushing your teeth with the tap running wastes how many litres per minute?

Our small purple balloon will hold 1 gramme of CO2. How many balloons are required to hold the CO2 from a 100W light bulb left on for 10 hours?

14,000 miles a year in a 1.6 litre car causes how many tonnes of CO2?

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