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Reduction of ATIC services during the coronavirus lockdown period

In the light of informed information and advice available from the Government and a range of agencies in the care and voluntary sector in this period of lockdown All Together In Charlbury (ATIC) very much regrets that we are unable to provide transport to appointments of any kind for the time being.

As caring people who have set up ATIC in order to help others, it goes against our nature to have to say this - but it is clear that nationally voluntary transport schemes are not considered to be safe to continue to run either for their volunteer drivers or for any potential passengers.

We are also unable to offer any of our other services which involve contact with “clients”.

ATIC will of course aim to resume “normal service” again as soon as we safely can. In the meantime we are working with Churches Together In Charlbury to organise the Friendly Phone Call service, which aims to provide a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, so that people can help each other keep their spirits up while the social distancing measures are in place.

Our own befrienders are continuing to keep in touch by phone with the people they have been visiting before the lockdown.

Prompted by a couple of recent enquiries, we are also available to try to help people access information about statutory or voluntary or other services, if they don’t know where to start.

Our contact number during the lockdown is 07487 413892.

All Together In Charlbury - Our local "helping hand" scheme

If you find that you need help with:
• transport to hospital or other medical/health/care appointments
• transport for other purposes like getting to the shops , taking part in a local activity or club or visiting someone in hospital or care home
• getting shopping or prescriptions
• household tasks (like changing a light bulb or smoke detector battery) or occasional gardening jobs
• letter writing or simple form-filling
• reading, if you have difficulty reading for yourself

Or if you would you like support from someone popping in for a chat;

All Together In Charlbury (ATIC) is here to help. Just ring us on 01993 776277.

If you've got something that needs doing which is not on this list, you can let us know and we will see what we can do.

Don't be shy to ask - we've all been in a position where we would welcome some practical help or moral support but there is no family member or friend available to provide it.

What is All Together In Charlbury?

All Together In Charlbury (ATIC) is a local voluntary group which aims to provide informal help and support to people in the community who need it by linking them up with someone who has offered some of their time to meet requests.

ATIC aims to help Charlbury residents of all ages and circumstances who, for whatever reason, are unable to carry out a task themselves and who have no family or friends available to help.

ATIC's services are free apart from a mileage charge where transport is involved.

How ATIC is run

All ATIC's organisers and volunteers are Charlbury residents. However, to save more of our time for meeting local needs, we have asked Volunteer Link-Up in Witney to do the work of linking up requests for help with one of our local volunteers. Volunteer Link-Up is an experienced and well-respected charity, which runs its own District-wide Good Neighbour Scheme:

That is why there is a Witney phone number to call, if you have a task that you would like someone from ATIC to help with. Volunteer Link-Up's friendly staff will answer your call for us and then link you up with a local ATIC volunteer.

All our volunteers:
• Have been police-checked
• Carry ID
• Are covered by public liability insurance arranged for ATIC

To ask for ATIC help call 01993 776277
Volunteer Link-Up's friendly staff will answer on our behalf.

Why not think about joining our team?
You don't have to commit to particular times and can help when it suits you and your life.

How to contact the ATIC Steering Committee
If you want to contact ATIC to find out more about us, to talk to us about local wellbeing and care issues or to offer to help us as a volunteer, ring 07487 413892 or email:
Steering Group members are: Jane Crane, Hugh Goyder, Meryl Smith, Sue Tokumine.

Our thanks are due to the following for their financial support
Charlbury and Overseas Community Projects Ltd (Charlbury Beer Festival)
Charlbury Town Council
Long Hedge and Ticknell Charity

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