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We aim to encourage shared worship and prayer, learning, service and evangelism, with each church sharing with others the treasures of its tradition.

Membership is open to any church in Charlbury whose parent body is a full member church of the body known as "Churches Together in England". You can visit our website at

Churches Together in England is the national body set up by the churches in 1990, and has partner bodies in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland is the successor body to the British Council of Churches, and co-ordinates the work of the four nations.

Churches Together in England is 'A visible sign of the Churches' commitment as they seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another, and proclaim the Gospel together by common witness and service. Its strength comes from people from different traditions finding new ways to work and worship together'. You are welcome to join us on the journey.

There are five churches in Charlbury and all are represented on the Churches Together in Charlbury Committee which meets every two months to discuss and coordinate activities as well as to support each other. The Chairmanship rotates around the churches.

Baptist Church
Methodist Church
St Mary's Church of England Church
St Teresa's Roman Catholic Church


The CTC website has links to statements from church leaders on the refugee crisis as well as useful info to help people respond in the best way.

Christians in Charlbury from all churches are praying and working together to offer help.


Holiday Club for children supported by CTC is taking place in St Mary's Church during August 2019. Keep watching for the up to date details.

To book a place email or call 810230.

Street Fair CTC usually have a stall selling homemade produce, proceeds to the Corner House and Memorial Hall and CTC supported charities. This takes place in September.

For 2019 the theme for the series of Lent talks organised by CTC is IN THOSE DAYS. The title comes from the beginning of  Luke's Gospel which starts: 'In those days a decree went out from the Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered...' (Luke 2: 1ff) It was this decree that made Mary and Joseph travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem even though Mary was about to give birth.

Jesus was born into a Jewish family that were proud to trace their ancestry to King David. However, this was a country that was now under Roman rule and there were more non-Jews living in Nazareth than there were Jews. One of the great trading routes passed through Galilee (the area where Nazareth was located) that brought together Rome and the Orient. So Jesus was brought up in a cosmopolitan town; he met many non-Jews and probably spoke Aramaic (the local language), Hebrew (the language of the scriptures) and Greek (the international language of the Roman Empire).

In this series of lectures we shall be looking at ways in which politics, philosophy and religion interacted to influence the social and economic life of the people, especially those who responded to Jesus' ministry and message.

All of the talks take place in St. Mary's Church on Tuesday evenings from 12th March to 9th April, starting promptly at 7.30pm.

Titles of the talks:

Tuesday 12th March - Rev. Peter Silva on 'People, politics and power'.

Tuesday, 19th March - Prof. Charlotte Roueche on 'Simon of Cyrene and his world'.

Tuesday, 26th March - Richard Ounsworth OP on 'Temple, Land, Earth and Heaven in First Century Judaism'.

Tuesday, 2nd April - Dr. Rebecca Dean on 'Religion and Philosophy in the ancient world'.

Tuesday, 9th April - Rev. Elizabeth Koepping on 'Kinship, Family and Marriage.'

AGM 2019 tbc

Three of our churches are drop off points for the North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank Donations of store cupboard food (with a 6-month use by date) are welcomed for distribution to families in need within our area.
There is a donation point at the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church and St Mary's Church. However, food parcel collections need to be collected from Charlbury Baptist Church.

For further information contact Jean email :
Please note that all five Charlbury Churches contribute and donations can be received from anyone.

There are four United Services a year, in January for Christian Unity, in May for Christian Aid, in August at the end of Holiday Club week and in October for One World Week and they are hosted in rotation between the five denominations. United Services are usually held at 9.45 am in St Mary's Church.

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